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A Visit to the Dallas Zoo

On a whim, we ended up at the Dallas Zoo while on a drive this morning.

I love the zoo, and this one I’d never seen…the Ft Worth Zoo, yes. The Dallas Zoo is the largest and oldest zoo in Texas. It has 350 employees and 750 volunteers! There were no special events scheduled this week, but plenty to see. Then again, many exhibits were closed, or the animals were sleeping or not in their habitats. Still, I took over 70 pictures…which would be a bit much for this post, so I’ll pick a few to show you. From where we are in Alvarado, traffic was light, so it only took us about thirty minutes to get there! Seems strange from how far south of Ft Worth we are, but I’ll pull up the map and show you.

We are where the blue dot is.

We also ate lunch there. It was expensive to me, I don’t know how families with kids do it, but as Dave pointed out, we did! Everything was costly to us on our salaries at the time, but we managed to take our kids to Six-Flags and The FT Worth Zoo, among other attractions. For Dave and I to go, park, and eat, it was around $75.

Dave at the entrance. He hasn’t been here since he was a boy.

I’m fascinated by the elephants, giraffes, and big and small primates.

I’m also intrigued by the flamingos and the unique sounds they make. I’ll try to post the video I took.

All of my pictures haven’t yet downloaded, so I may have to split this into two posts. I do have lots of the herbetarium where the snakes, frogs, and lizards live.

One snake was so impressive, I took a video of him uncoiling himself, but it may have to wait. We saw everything from vipers to cobras, lots of lizards, turtles, and frogs.

None of my bird pics are downloaded yet, so maybe the birds will be in the next post. I hope you’ve enjoyed a short visit to the zoo. Our actual time there was from about four hours and thirty minutes and I walked over 8,000 steps.


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