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More Pics from the Dallas Zoo

As promised, I’m back to show you some of the birds, big lizards, and whatever else I couldn’t show off yesterday!

Penguins, ducks, storks, and vultures were just some of the fancy birds we saw, but I loved the flamingos!

Well, despite all attempts to do so, I just can’t get the video of the beautiful flamingos singing their calls to download anywhere that I can put it to the post! 🙄😡 How about some big lizards? There were monitors, horned toads, spitting frogs, turtles and more!

I love the variety of shapes, colors, and sizes of all the amphibians in the herpetarium.

We saw this much of the hippo.

Above and below the water line.

Today has been cloudy, windy, and cool. My bro stopped by for a visit, and other than that I did some laundry. Every day can’t be an adventure, lol! I hope you’ve enjoyed the visit to the Dallas Zoo!


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