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On the Hunt

Well, it’s Saturday and we have been back at my brother’s since last night. Today, however, I have been on the hunt for an e-bike.

I have been researching e-bikes and their accessories since we were in Arizona where everyone it seemed had one. I only knew the one brand-Lectric-because that’s what everyone rode out there. Today, however, we went to three different bike shops and saw three more brands. I test drove the one at the first bike shop, Pedego, which fit me well, but that’s not the price point I want to pay. Not after researching Lectric and seeing that the bike I want, with all the accessories I need, will be about $500 less than the base price for the other bikes. They all started at $2,000 or more!

Me on the Pedego bike.

The Pedego was so fun, getting my first taste of riding with pedal-assist was super liberating! Now I can ride bikes with David and actually keep up without having to work so hard! It was less stress on my knee, but I still think I will use the power for help, not totally, else how will I get any exercise?

The other benefit to the Lectric brand is that it’s foldable and light. This bike pictured here is foldable but heavier than the Lectric. The down side to that brand is that the only showroom that I’m aware of is in Phoenix, Az but we might luck out in Kyle, Tx, on our way to the coast. Otherwise, I’d have to buy it online, trusting that what I’m researching is right and I’ll get just what I want. On top of that, I want to have the little dog trailer that hooks on behind the bike, so I can take the pooches for a ride, and no one else has the same kind as Lectric. I know, it seems as though I have my mind made up, but I will keep looking because it pays to be a savvy shopper!

Thanks to the wonderful network between RVers, that is how I found the shop here in Ft Worth! I put out a query and got a lot of helpful advice from the Facebook Diesel Pusher motor home group. RVers are such a great group of people! We also saw an e-bike who’s brand was Trekk, they didn’t have anything small enough for my short self. The last brand we looked at was also too big and too expensive and did not fold. Wish me luck as I continue my search.

Looking forward to another visit with the kids before we take off next week for Port Aransas! Have a great weekend everyone!


16 thoughts on “On the Hunt

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Congratulations! Your purchase. Very well do you doing exercises. Very you sharing your knowledge. Beautiful photo on the pedego bike.
    Give you party, Kim!

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  2. I had never heard of a bike befor! I know that you know what I am talking about, crazy typos. That sounds cool! Did someone there to let you have a test drive of the theirs? Christina is going to California on Wednesday for her grandmother’s celebration of life:(

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      • Because of Christina’s taking off for her surgery starting at the end of June we did not call aunt Carol this time as she will probably be coming up then. However, this is why we really need a good backup. Dad really isn’t looking forward to dealing with me for 5 days straight. He has been having back issues and has been going to seea physical therapist to get exercise. Not only that but needing a partial knee replacement, he has been getting shots for them for a while!

        No luck as of yet on finding anyone? I am really thinking about just paying for care.com and putting my dad there like I did before. Although, the girl I got there was pregnant and only lasted 3 months before her doctor put her on total bed rest. I knew she was pregnant when she 1st signed up to be my caregiver and she was all “I am going to work straight up until my due date!” Yeah right!! Nothing ever works that way, but dad and I were giving her a chance.

        Did you get to have Sunday dinner with your family this past Sunday? It was freezing yesterday but Christine and I went to the gym today and it was beautiful! Think I will go sit outside and do some reading!

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      • I’m sorry you haven’t found anyone yet and that your dad is having so many issues. I’ll keep praying you find someone soon!
        Yes, I got to see the boys and give Sean his long awaited birthday gift. He liked it and that made me so happy.
        Dave wants to leave tomorrow so we don’t have to pay for another night in Alvarado. We are going to my cousins house in Georgetown to visit and mooch dock in her driveway or courtyard. I don’t know how this got so messed up, but he misjudged the time between the end of one stay and the beginning of the next. We can’t go to our place in Port Aransas until Monday! Maybe I’ll talk him into hanging at Marie’s for a few days and then I guess we’ll pay for a place a few days-probably in Aransas Pass. Idk.
        I was wonderful if you called Visiting Angels and asked how their services work?

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      • Sorry to hear about the wrench in your plans. Then it’s just another “you might be a RVer if…”

        Visiting Angels is an agency that finds their help and pays them. For example they may charge me $15 an hour but only give the caregiver $10 in hour because they need to make their cut for hiring them. That is when you get what you pay for. Margaret worked for them for a while. I am not sure if I can go through an agency because I have class. I already go through an agency (DSSW) through the state. They are who pays for massage therapy and for CDS which is under their umbrella. I do not know if I were straight DSSW and bypass CDS just for the 3 months no Christine Cantu back to work? She was telling me yesterday that he was excited because she read on Google that people have total knee replacement can be back to work 2 months! I told her if she put in the work may be so we will see! I am so blessed to have her as my caregiver! This next month on the 21st will be her 4 yr anniversary of being my caregiver!! She gets $13 an hour from CDS and I give her $2 an hour to make it $15! I started doing that several years ago. She deserves way more than that. A touchdown

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  3. I look forward to reading more about your e-bike decision-making. Please include photos of different options you are considering if possible. I have a beat-up but still functional regular bike which I use almost every day to get around town. But if/when it gets too old to be repaired, I will probably buy some sort of e-bike. Learning about the options from you is very helpful and inspiring. THANK YOU!

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    • Absolutely! Like I wrote about in another post, I had tried one from Pedego in Ft Worth and looked at some other models once we got to the coast, but you get more bang for your buck with Lectric Brand because they include accessories packages with your bike. ☺️


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