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Day One at Marie’s

Yesterday we left for Georgetown to stay with my cousin Marie and what a surprise we got!

The first thing they do after we got parked and situated was take us to Willies bar and grill for lunch! Dave had a burger and I had a delicious chicken, pecan, strawberry salad that was as big as a turkey platter, I could not finish it, and a margarita (strawberry). Then we left and went to the square to a winery she is a member at. We drank our wine, visited, and walked the square, going in and out of trendy shops. We looked at everything from gourmet popcorn to glass art so tiny it looked impossible to have made.

Then we went back to her house and retired to her backyard oasis (her porch) where she has a bevy of comfortable seats, a water fountains, pretty plants, roaming cows…wait, what? Ok. Alongside her house is a field and around 6pm or so, this small herd of cows and a baby calf went strolling slowly by. It was surreal in such a suburban setting. Anyway, Marie was playing some kind of soft, lovely music that was easy to talk over and we all had a light buzz going on from the alcohol so we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. I sat in her swing chair on the porch, her bench swing in the yard, and her hammock swing on the side of the house near the driveway. We had such a perfect visit.

Dave and the girls and cousin Marie.

Marie comes from my dad’s side of the family. She is his baby sister’s daughter. She was military and had a rough life growing up. Her mama, Marian, was poor and my Dad did what he could for her, but eventually had to go into the military and make a way for his life, and Marian did alright for a time, but never quite “made it” and Marie eventually married and started having her own family. Now she has been with second hubby (also David) for as long as my Dave and I have been married! (37 years)

The two Daves chatted it up on the patio.

I tell you, that patio was a Shangrala in my opinion!

Their very comfy patio.

Somehow, Marie found the energy to cook us all chicken and dumplings and although we were still full, we each had a small bowl! It was delicious! We capped the night off watching a funny stand up comedian from Tennessee who was pretty funny!


7 thoughts on “Day One at Marie’s

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Iam so happy you visite amazing. Thank you visited your cousin sister. Delicious turky platter. And you relaxed & enjoyed water fountain, pretty plants & swing chair. So beautiful Dave with girls & Cousin Marie’s
    photo. Like a nice relaxing beautiful day . What is Patio ?
    Thanks, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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