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Marie’s Day 2 and Road Trip

Yesterday was day two of our visit at my cousin Marie’s.

Always fun and thinking only of feeding and entertainment, Marie cooked us a nice breakfast and asked if we’d like to visit a local attraction called Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. Sure, we agreed to go see it and walk around…it was something to do and they seemed proud of it. What a beautiful place and if you have kids, it would be a lot of fun.

Hand carved African artwork abounded and we learned that all the artwork on display was up for ownership. Not only that, but if one purchased a work of art, like a sculpture, it helps bring clean water to those in desperate need in Africa. How cool is that?! However, these were very expensive, yet totally deserving! There was one sculpture for instance that looked like it was made out of jade, yet only cost $1,013! I wished I could afford such a thing, or had room for it, but these pieces were rather large and surely heavy. The resort itself has many of its own huge sculptures like these fabulous apes I posed with.

The detail was amazing!

Not only was that amazing, but the design of the resort was just gorgeous. Great to walk around and observe, but too rich for us regular folks. Just take a look!

These sculptures are part of the resort, but all the art was animals found in Africa.

The bar and lounge downstairs was impressive from the top!
Wonderland for the kiddos! I was itching to play some skeeball 😂

Soon our group felt like some lunch, so we left there to go to one of their favorite places for Surf and Turf. Unfortunately, Marie’s hubby, Dave, started getting chills so severe, the waitress gave him a scarf! When that didn’t work, he went to sit outside, and by the time we got him home, he had a fever of 102.5. Marie gave him fever reducer and some adult type Pedialyte. By that evening, he was feeling better, but I still think he should go see a doctor and make sure he’s ok. Praying he does!

He had bought breakfast for this morning while we were out, so we dined on sausage rolls and coffee this morning before loading up and heading out. We got to Aransas Pass, our temporary home for three days, around 3pm, got set up in RV Village, and informed everyone we made it safely before heading to the store for a few essentials like bread, chips, cereal, and for me, a new toothbrush because I left mine at Marie’s. 🤣😂 I remember thinking that it needed to dry out before I packed it, but I must have forgot in the chaos of leaving. The dogs tried to escape twice today! Once there as we were loading the bus, and again here when we parked the bus and I was getting back in after parking the Jeep. They were caught, luckily, chastised, and are now worn out! It’s been a stressful day for them I guess.

I’m just happy it all went well, even though Dave has a hard time trusting Siri and me as we are the navigators! I always get us where we need to go. Some day, he will relax and trust me. Anyway, we are good to go and Monday, we will move over to the island and be in our happy place! I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’ll wrap this up and get to bed. Sweet dreams everyone, and yes, I thanked Marie profusely for letting us stay and showing us such a marvelous time!! Even Anthony (her son) go up this morning to see us off and say goodbye. I was impressed! He is the same age as my Joshua, and like him, likes to sleep in when he can. He’s a good “kid” though, loves his mama, and has a dream of moving out of state and starting a new career after a very sad and traumatic event that happened a couple of years ago. I pray all goes well for him. 🙏☺️


4 thoughts on “Marie’s Day 2 and Road Trip

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very interesting you sharing Marie’s Day2 stay to enjoy entertainment with fooding . You enjoy visit the Kalahari Resort. Beautiful & fun kids place. So good look photo with African art . Wonderful Sculpture. You have happy trip. How your cousin Marie ?
    Thank, Kim!

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