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Port A in my Future

Although we are temporarily in Aransas Pass, we will be headed to our “happy” place-Port Aransas- on Monday, so we had to go over on the ferry and secure a PO Box, get our spot paid for and get our welcome pack and site number, and of course, ride down to the beach to get our permit.

I have to admit, a tiny bit of the magic of this place is gone, or maybe my perspective has changed because we are no longer feeling wistful, loving to visit, yet yearning to own a place in such an ideal environment. Now we are really here, in our own little home on wheels. But after the iconic ferry ride, I had the same joy I always did, looking at the sea birds sitting on the pylons, searching for dolphins in the waves, and seeing the site where we will live for the next three months.

Seagull sanctuary.
No dolphins but they were there. At least I got the gull in flight!
The ship channel and the marina side of the island poking into the harbor’s edge.

Our welcome packet with my favorite guide, magazine, and a map of our RV Resort.

Looking at the pictures makes me even more anxious and excited about getting there on Monday!

We grabbed some lunch at Sonic (and a coconut slush for me) and headed back to relax, which I needed to do, because I woke up with a severe back spasm. I guess sitting for several hours on the bus yesterday, some of it stressed, was the last straw for my poor back. I literally could not walk when I got up the first time at 2:30am. My gummy for sleep was still in effect, so I used some miracle salve on it and lay back down. This morning I felt slightly better, but walking was still difficult, so I got some ice and later, a half a gummy to try and keep the muscle relaxed, and stayed in bed an hour or more reading my emails.

I think it’s best to keep moving around, with periodic rests for a quicker recovery. I’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, I’ll be Mustang Island dreamin’ and waxing poetic about my favorite place in the world so far!

Dreaming of walking

Miles on the beach

Finally the goal

Is within our reach.

Combing the beach

Searching for treasures

Creating my artwork

One of my greatest pleasures.


23 thoughts on “Port A in my Future

  1. Here’s to many more memories at your happy place!! Praying that the back spasms become better and better! Sounds like you are doing the right thing!
    We just learned that Benjamin and his family (the one in Fred’s old house) are moving to California in June or July:( Wouldn’t it be nice if a great caregiver (Christina all about that is wishful thinking) would move in!

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful you sharing your port of your future.
    Beautiful photo of Seagull sanctuary. I hop and pray 🙏 your back spam become better & better. I like you doing the right thing .
    Lovely writing Dreaming of walking .
    “Miles on the beach…. It nice , Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brings back memories for me hearing about Port Aransas and Mustang Island. We used to live close to there, and rode the ferry a few times, too. Beautiful down there on the coast. 🙂

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