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SOCS 4/29/24

 Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yes.” Find a word that starts with “yes” or use the word “yes” as is. Bonus points if you start your post with the word you choose. Enjoy!

Dave and the pups at Goose Island State Park

Yesterday was warm and brought vicious thunderstorms in the evening, but today has been sunny, warm, and super windy.

The day didn’t start out warm, it warmed up by the afternoon, so naturally, I brought a jacket I didn’t need by the time we got to Rockport. Goose Island State Park was about nine miles from there and yes, we brought the pups so we could walk them along some trails and get a bit of exercise. We all get tired of sitting around on the bus and start feeling our food just sitting on us. Yes, we had Mexican food for lunch, so a walk was necessary!

Yesterday, I shared some pics of the water while on the ferry. Today, I have pics of us in different poses with the pups. They love coming with us, even if Whiskey is not the best traveler. On the trip out, she sat in my lap. On the return trip, Dave had a great idea to keep her off of me and in the backseat. He opened the console which blocked her way to the front seat. Eventually, she laid down and got relaxed.

We learned while at this park that camping is available and there are no discounts of any kind for veterans. It isn’t expensive, but still, over time, all those yesterdays add up and every little bit counts! Not that we are planning to camp there anyway. Once we get to Port Aransas, we will have forgotten all about the possibility. It was cool though to see the bird watching areas and walking trails, but there are no beach areas, just sea walls and rocky beach, no sand.

The girls and I pose on a picnic table.

Yes! We saw deer in the park, roaming free in their protected zone.

The deer are not afraid of us photographing from our cars.

Now I’m tired, thee pups are napping, and after a rest, I’m hoping I’ll get a second wind so I have energy to play games with Dave tonight after dinner. I can’t wait for Monday! Then we will be on the island with many more things to do. ☺️


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