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Biding My Time

Today has gone by in a blur and I didn’t think I’d done that much!

However, I did my usual morning routine, got up and after taking my blood pressure, had my fiber, my coffee, and read my emails before eating breakfast. Had a shower and got ready for whatever the day might bring, got set up to listen to the Word of God from my brother’s church online. Took out the trash and walked it down to the dumpster. Dave had run to the store while I was busy with church to pick up water and Mio.

Pelicans fighting for something in the water.

After a I did my Spanish lessons, we decided to go look for a dog park, but went to the marina near the causeway first. I was fine and dandy there, but we ran to HEB so Dave could go get things needed to fix dinner and on the way back, he looked up a real, off-leash dog park so we wouldn’t be tethered to them and they could run free. Found it, let ‘em go, and as usual, they found a shady place and parked it. 😂🙄 I met an interesting lady there who I talked to the whole time about the house she is trying to sell while her miniature Yorkie entertained us just being her cute little self. Besides the heat and mosquitoes, it was an ok visit to the park.

It’s a very warm day, and as much as I’d like to get out and do more, there is only one car and I don’t want an argument about where I want to go, so I’ll just sit in the motor home in the air conditioning and dream of being near the beach tomorrow where there will always be a breeze, a park with plenty to do, a pool, and more freedom to get out and explore!


7 thoughts on “Biding My Time

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very interesting you sharing your good morning. Very nice you did it’s regular & routine work. I like. You listen to the word of god. Beautiful photo of fighting something in the water.. You sitting in motor home to the aircondition and dreaming of being near the beach tomorrow. Nice visited the dog park. Heve a happy day, Kim 💖

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