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We didn’t have any plans today, but I knew I couldn’t sit around all day again.

Before I’d even changed out of my night clothes this morning, I got a back spasm. I knew it was from inactivity yesterday.

Since we were undecided, I chose to finally start my first batch of rocks in my new tumbler! I had to mix some of mine with the sample rocks included in my kit. I separated mine and took a photo, then added the sample rocks…not that I’m sure I’ll notice the difference when all is said and done. The sample rocks look similar to mine, but at least they are all hard. I hope they are anyway, I think I know hard from soft. Hard is usually quartz, jasper, and agates.

My rocks that chose for batch one.
Sample rocks on top before adding grit and water.

They are now happily tumbling in the basement of the bus, almost silently. It’s amazing how quiet the machine is! They will be there until Friday, when I peek and see if they are ready for step two. If they are, I’ll clean everything out, put it back with fresh grit and add the media. They will go at a lower speed for a whole week.

Finally, I suggested we go to Charlie’s Pasture, part of the Aransas Wildlife Refuge so I can see some cool birds. However, all we saw was plants and a few butterflies. We took a good walk, I think about a mile and a half. Here’s a gallery of the photos I took there.

(in the sky picture, there’s a pelican flying overhead.)
Oops, the last two pics are from the ferry. Once we left the refuge, we ferried across to Aransas Pass to go to Walmart for groceries because they are so expensive on the island. After that, we came back and put them up and took the dogs for a walk. I decided then I wanted to go to the pool for a while before we started prepping for dinner.

Dave joined me for a bit, then I stayed to sun for thirty more minutes. While there, this black grace showed up and took a bath. See, the entrance into the pool is like a slope, but on one side there are actual steps down into the pool. The bird was on the shallow part of the slope.

I actually caught him in action!
His head was under water here.

Dinner was delicious hamburgers cooked on the grill, pickles, and chips! We like the premade Pattie’s from Walmart that have the cheese already in them. Yum!

Then relaxed and watched tv. All in all, it was a good day! Guess what comes tomorrow?

My e-bike arrives!


12 thoughts on “Undecided

  1. Yay! You did the things!!! I’m anxious to see the rocks. It looks like such fun!

    Great pics!

    Wish my phone enlarged enough to see the pool bird. Maybe on my laptop later I’ll see him better.

    Walmart. I live to hate them. I want to shop locally. But they are so expensive that even the gas and wear and treat off the 2 hour drive, doing at Walmart is cheaper and offers more selections.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful all your Rock. It’s look like a fun.
    All photos are beautiful. Nice his head was under water. Congratulations your’s e_bike arrived. Beautiful picture it’s, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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