Writing Prompts

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #138

Crazy Love

Hiding behind my leafy cover

Looking for that crazy lover,

Waiting patient with baited breath

Hoping I don’t cause his death

Popping out to yell, “Surprise!”

Startled, he falls and covers his eyes

“Get up silly, it’s only me!”

Hugs me then, calls ME crazy!

My we are a likely pair.

Together we stroll off

Love in the air. 💕


Escapist Coloring Club-November 1st Entry


Well, it’s November 1st and today I have a new entry for Linda G Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club. 

If you want to play along, click the link and follow the simple rules.

I did this one with my glitter gel pens, this is my favorite medium so far. Since I have a kit with 100 different colors, I have so many more options now! Sometimes I mix it up with colored pencils, but not this time. I’m still working out of the same book all of my other entries came from.