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#One-Liner Wednesday & JusJoJan 1-12-22

Thus gift helps me organize my Diamond Art gems.

I’m not sure if there is a particular theme today, but just in case the word is clutter:

“I’m discovering I want to declutter my life and get as organized as my Diamond Art gems are.”

One-Liner Wednesday

I have to insert a note here and just confess that this case is really not organized except for the gems. It has so much extra stuff in it (that came with it) that I need to find someone in the Diamond Art destashing group who might need some of it. Here is a bag of all the leftovers from past projects.

Bag of extra gems I can’t use on future projects.

Now if I was really talented, I could use all of these extra gems on a Diamond art project I came up with on my own, but I am not that talented. I need the kits which have the design already on it, with the coordinating numbers and symbols. Like good knitters don’t need a pattern, I’m not a designer. Oh well, I still love the projects that I do! Here’s hoping I get the rest of my life decluttered, my mind included! 😜