Focusing is Challenging These Days

Sorry, I have to use this image again today, it seems appropriate

The talk is all over my news feed, and it’s true. I’m not alone. These days it seems to be a real challenge to maintain focus on whatever task I should be doing. I find myself standing in the kitchen sometimes, wondering what I was about to do. Do you feel this way?

I swear, I cannot take any more death. I cried all night last night upon learning that another friend had passed away. I have no idea whether it was from the virus, old age, or something else. I don’t know why it hit me so hard, I think it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The news made me mourn everyone we’ve lost for the past two months, I finally cracked. I had been wondering why I had not cried over the loss of closer friends and acquaintances, I think it’s because the quantity of loss was staggering, I could not wrap my mind around it. It’s no wonder we can’t focus. Our minds are shot.

Most of my writings about all this are in my journals and on Medium, but I thought I’d share why I’ve been feeling so scattered these days, so that you might understand yourself why you all might be feeling the same way. I think it’s getting close to time for a break. I’m so glad we are still going on our girl’s trip. I for one feel like I need it.

Can you relate? Let me know how you are feeling in the comments. Also, there is a place to put your thoughts if you are a writer looking for a caring community. It’s called Her Stories Writers-you can find them on Facebook. It is a place for Gen-X women to come together and share their stories, especially now. Of course, Medium has lots of publications for you to join as well. Find a tribe, people. It helps. 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge

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Word of the Day Challenge

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The brain fog I used to experience is gone, now I have focus and clarity, energy and ideas! The world is brimming with new possibilities, and I’m here to Pruvit every day!!

Thank goodness I found these exogenous ketones, y’all! I have so much energy and this morning I am starting my day with the Unleashed flavor (Blue Ocean) which is like ketones on steroids, hahahaha!! I have a list of things to do and not much time to get them done!

I’m hosting Bunco this weekend, so there is planning and shopping to be done for that. My theme is “Tea Time” so any ideas would be welcomed!

I have meal prep and cooking to do, writing, appointments, possibly working a shift. I can’t afford to have low energy and brain fog!

I hope you all have a fantabulous Monday, if anyone wants to know more about the products I’m drinking to enhance my keto lifestyle, send an email or private message and I will be happy to explain them to you!