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WOD Challenge 8-24-22

Ok, guys, I can’t concentrate on anything else this morning so I just have to share!

I was told not to get too excited until we are at the finish line, however, my insides are doing a happy dance right now because… we received an offer last night!!

The prospective buyers also included a heartstrings letter at the bottom of their offer letter and after reading that, it’s so hard not to get my hopes up for the both of us!

I’m hoping it all works out so I can get back to packing -especially when it comes to loading up the RV so I know what’s left to sell or store.

The news came on the heels of negative feedback from an earlier showing which got me very upset and emotional, plus, I wasn’t feeling well that day. Then yesterday, my brother’s house flooded again and I discovered it while delivering a package inside for him as he is out of town. Between myself, my real estate agent (who’s is my friend thank goodness), a helpful neighbor, and a flooring friend of my brother’s, we managed to get all the soaked rugs off the floor, drain the pool a little in case we got more rain, and dry the wet floors. He also has a few drainage issues that they are going to address today but without me there because I don’t have the car today.

Drying the floor after removing the sopping wet rug
The pool couldn’t take more water!
Setting up the drain thanks to my friend Jimbo

So, getting good news last night was welcome indeed!! Is it time to branch out and start our new adventure? Stay tuned and find out soon!

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