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Happy Thanksgiving From Sunny Arizona!

I’m back! I had to go to the resort’s library to access free wifi, but here I am to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!

We may be eating chicken and sides instead of turkey later, but Dave and I will manage something!
We arrived yesterday afternoon, I am amazed and stunned at the beauty of the area and what a fabulous resort this is! It makes everywhere we’ve been for the past week and a half look like dumps! But they all had their little pluses I guess.

At the entrance

This place is called Picacho Peak RV Resort, and it’s a true resort! All the snowbirds come here, so we will be meeting lots of Canadians and other folks from the northern half of the states.
I’ve mentioned before that Dave is not a joiner, but he eventually warms up to people, and I, on the other hand, was itching to go and do the minute we pulled in! So, after we set up, walked the dogs and Dave found local stations to watch, I boogied down to what they called a “bonfire” to try and mingle a bit. They were gathered around a large fire pit, roasting dogs and marshmallows, drinking their beverages, and talking to their neighbors! I felt like a wallflower until I spotted a lady alone and I sat down at the same picnic bench and we got to chatting.

The lady sitting with her hands clasped is Karen
Others were gathering around the fire pit.

I’m waiting for the pics to catch up with my iPad, so bear with me, I may have to add them later.
Im just happy we have access to the library on a holiday, but all we needed to get in is a code. Same with laundry. This being a holiday, the staff is out and no heat is on either. It’s chilly but not too bad and out of the wind!

We are directly in front of the peak this place is named for, At the foothills really, and it’s beautiful during the afternoon but chilly at night. We will go get an electric blanket asap, along with some other necessities like a stick vacuum, an electric skillet, my prescription, and Dave’s shampoo! How do you forget to pack your shampoo??

Anyway, I did not take Karen’s picture as we were chatting, but her hubby is also a Dave, she was so friendly she would not have minded. They are from Michigan and now they live here in a house at the resort. I guess many of them do. I met another couple, Erma and her husband…maybe I will have to take photos of people I meet so I don’t forget their names!! Anyway, her David was drinking a beer, so I figured he and my Dave would get along! Lol. They invited me to grab him and go play some pool, but he was tired from driving, so we just stayed in.

Aren’t these guys cute!

They cover all kinds of activities and games, they have a wonderful laundry facility, library, pool and hot tub, rec room, gym, they play pickle ball, golf, Bunco, bingo, billiards, they hold church services, and there’s more! I won’t be sitting around watching tv, sorry! They have sewing classes, yoga, get togethers, doggie parks and runs, but the one thing I was hoping for, a community Thanksgiving dinner, they did last weekend. 😐 So, Dave and I will create our own little feast.

I cannot wait to get into everything, and we really need to go to the store, but I’m sure everything is closed today. I guess I better wrap this up and go get the laundry out. I truly hope my pics loaded but if not, I’ll post them tomorrow or later this afternoon. Oh! I can save this draft and put them in later, can’t I ? Maybe that’s what I’ll do! Ok, see ya later!

The Palo Verde tree outside our door.

The cactus garden to the left of our site.
The view in front of our site-taken out the side window.

What’s behind our site.