Writing Prompts

I’m Blessed

I like to say that I am blessed rather than lucky, because I’ve had such a good life!

Yes, I played Bunco tonight, and I should have won, but there was so much confusion over who got the last Bunco, blah, blah, blah that somehow it got ignored, and since I won big at Bingo last night, I didn’t have the heart to make a deal out of it.

I’m living the life now that we dreamed of…that so many dream of. That is blessed. I had parents that loved me-sometimes to a fault- and a husband that loves me. So many do not.

Even with all that I have and have had, I still have days when I forget that. I am human. I feel sorry for myself sometimes. I get bored. When I catch myself feeling that way, I remind myself of all I have and have had, and snap out of it.

This blessed and lucky post is for JusJoJan -even if I didn’t use the prompt word of the day. Any writing counts, read the rules and play along here.