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I’m Blessed

I like to say that I am blessed rather than lucky, because I’ve had such a good life!

Yes, I played Bunco tonight, and I should have won, but there was so much confusion over who got the last Bunco, blah, blah, blah that somehow it got ignored, and since I won big at Bingo last night, I didn’t have the heart to make a deal out of it.

I’m living the life now that we dreamed of…that so many dream of. That is blessed. I had parents that loved me-sometimes to a fault- and a husband that loves me. So many do not.

Even with all that I have and have had, I still have days when I forget that. I am human. I feel sorry for myself sometimes. I get bored. When I catch myself feeling that way, I remind myself of all I have and have had, and snap out of it.

This blessed and lucky post is for JusJoJan -even if I didn’t use the prompt word of the day. Any writing counts, read the rules and play along here.

Writing Prompts

WOD Challenge 8-16-22

Blessed Passenger

Not exactly debonair,

suspended in air

This handsome fella followed me

For miles down the road.

His grip never faltered

over bumps, in the heat

Wind whipping at his feet

Doing his playful dance

Driving was difficult

Cause I was in a trance

Amazed at his acrobatic skill

Then, he adopted his prayerful

position, and I thought, was I

being visited by the spirit

Of my father? I took it

as a blessing but feared for

His life, in the heat, his color had changed

So I careful transported him

and I hope he lives on

To bless the next traveler

Who needs him.

Word of the Day Challenge

WOD Challenge 4-23-20 Weleful Means Blessed

Good Morning, Buenos dias, I am weleful, how about you?

Are you well? I am, so in that I am weleful which means blessed. My family’s healthy and those that work are still working. We are so lucky. My prayers have been answered time and time again, except for one.

Recently, my youngest so’s girlfriend came down with strep, I prayed she was not positive for the Corona virus because she lives with my asthmatic son, her test came back negative yesterday!

My Spanish lessons are going great, I’m learning so much, although I have to say, I’m still not ready to follow fast speaking natives just yet, lol. I can read a sentence of words I’ve learned through my studies so far and make sense of it. For instance, Ella estudia portugues means She studies Portuguese. Simple and sometimes longer sentences like: El maestro trabaja en una escuela means, The teacher works in a school. Duolingo is the app I have been using for a month now. It makes learning like a game, so I stick with it and I do several lessons and/or stories a day.

Why am I learning Spanish? Why not? I have all this extra time, I decided to do something productive with part of it, like learning a new skill.

We are also weleful to have had food and supplies this whole time, while others have not been able to find toilet paper and other supplies.

I did learn an interesting fact, if the video is true…be careful around open flames if using hand sanitizer, it is flammable, but not to the naked eye. The video shows a lady trying to light a squirt of hand sanitizer on a plate. You don’t see a flame. Yet seconds later, she holds a napkin in the air right above it, the napkin catches on fire. I’m glad I depend on soap, water, and Lysol wipes and spray for my cleaning. I’ve not been too worried about disinfecting my whole house either, and we’ve been fine.

I hope you all are as weleful as us, and that we can all start hugging again in person very soon!


PS- this is a new word for me today, so I learned something else new!


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