Writing Prompts

WOD Challenge 08-17-21 Egg-streme Situation

The eggs are getting frightened

They don’t want to be eaten

They claim they’ve been infected

So that they won’t be beaten.

“Please don’t fry or dye me”,

They cried out as a whole

But Sally just ignored them

Cracking each one in a bowl.

Too bad she ate the tasty guys

For what she didn’t know

They had the Salmonella

Now she’s about to blow!

She runs into the restroom

Her tummy cramping bad

She sits upon the toilet

She’s now feeling so sad

“I wish I would’ve listened.”

Sally thought out loud,

I never should have eaten them

Now feeling less than proud.

This silly poem was brought to you by the Word of the Day Challenge. The word of the day is Egg.

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