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WOD Challenge 09-10-21 What a Peach!

I like peaches to eat, but I prefer nectarines (peaches without the fuzz) and I hate anything peach flavored!

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Dad eats a lot of fruit, in fact, he has fruit with meals and snacks. I’m not used to that, since you get almost no fruit on keto-rather berries-so, let me just say, things are much improved in the digestion department! 😛

Yesterday, Becky-my future daughter-in-law, stayed with Dad while I went to my shoulder therapy doc, and got my hair cut, and later, went to a couple of stores to get a few fill-ins we needed. What a peach that girl is! Truly a godsend!

Speaking of God for a moment, it struck me yesterday that He prepared me for my current situation by putting Stephanie and I together! Yes, I had previously worked in the healthcare field, but nothing prepared me for properly dealing with the situation with my dad like being Stephanie’s caregiver for almost three years! I’m so grateful and blessed to have had that experience for so many reasons, and to boot, we are still close today!

I’m fresh out of peaches today, however, we have a plethora of plums that need to be eaten, so that will be our fruit choice this morning. I think I’ll fix Dad his waffles, and maybe I’ll have cereal-yes, its good for you cereal, and yes, I’m pretty much off the keto diet for a while, but my ACV gummies are still working well to help maintain my current weight.

Oh, before I forget, I didn’t get my therapy yesterday, because my doctor thought it would be better in my current situation if he referred me to someone who can give me an injection to reduce the inflammation and bring me the quickest relief. They did give me my kinetic tape though, and that helps a lot! I don’t know when I will get the shot, someone should call me soon he said, and he also said they would reimburse me for yesterday’s visit.

I got my hair cut, I love my hairdresser because she prays for me and my dad all the time. We have been going to her for a while now, she can speak English, but has a very thick accent. She knows what’s going on with us now, and she prayed that I would have the strength, the patience, and the resources to keep him here with me as long as possible before we have to move him into assisted living. I am still not sure he can ever go home again. Time will tell.

One side note before I go: If you’re fond of Russel Stover’s sugarfree chocolate candy like we are, beware buying it in the Dollar General or other dollar stores. I bought some yesterday and it was so old, the chocolate was grey! 😤🤮

Have a peach of a Friday everyone!

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