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What a Fun Reunion! WOD Challenge 6-13-22

Saturday afternoon, my long-time friend Michelle and her boyfriend, Kerry, were scheduled for a visit to hang out and go swimming.

I invited Chris, my youngest, and Connie and Bubba (David’s bro and his partner) over to bbq, swim, and also reunite with Kerry and Michelle. This reunion was so exciting for me because I had not seen my friends in almost one year! That is unheard of for us, but they live almost two hours away. My dad passed in November of 2021, I would have seen them then but COVID prevented that.

What a blunder that I didn’t take pictures, so I will post some from past get togethers. We had a blast, but stayed in the pool too long, partied too much, and I’m still feeling the ill effects today! I’m not twenty five anymore!!

Michelle and me before our last concert.

Kerry brought us some farm-raised eggs, Dave cooked ribs, sausage (from his new Butcher Box) and brats, Connie made cold pasta salad, and a pan of chopped fruit. We had a variety of chips and dips, and the beer and Truly’s washed it all down. We went in pretty early, yet the damage was done. We’d been in the pool since about 3:30 and went to bed around midnight. Connie was sober, so she drove Bubba home, Chris also went home, but Michelle and Kerry had already planned to stay the night. Good thing!

We all had a great time catching up and reminiscing! They left around 10 am Sunday morning. The groomer had come to take care of Whiskey around 9am. I missed church and choir, but watched online. They did a fabulous job with ”Come On Children Let’s Sing.” It was the first time I’ve missed singing in the choir since I joined.

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