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WOD Challenge 6-14-22 SOLD!!

Dad’s House

Before I get to my post, I have to report that my dad’s house is sold!! That was quick! Five days on the market!

I am so relieved and happy. We got a cash buyer, so no headaches for us. She came in a little lower than what we asked for, but thats ok. To get it one and done is worth it to me!

I’m enjoying Dan’s book ”Knuckleheads” which is available now on Amazon. I tell you what, Zach and Billy, the main characters, are no chickens. Dealing with the growing pains of being a teenager in the years before all the modern conveniences we have nowadays, plus transitioning into young adults would be enough for most boys, but these guys have to deal with magical powers as well. One deals with lucid dreams and one deals with premonitions, but only one has a dad walking through this wilderness with him. Teaching the boys the values of having a work ethic, as well as guiding them on the proper way to deal with adversity, I think its a great read for all ages.

Just click the link (the book title) in the above paragraph to grab a copy! It’s available for the great price of $2.99 right now! I like to support my fellow bloggers when I’m able.

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