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Multiple Word Prompt 6 July 2018-Flowers On the Wall

Today’s story is brought to you by FOWC, 3TC, WOD, and youtube, lol!

Flowers on the Wall

Janie and Kyle were cuddling on the couch at his parent’s house one dark and rainy afternoon. She could see he was feeling rather amorous and decided it was time for a diversion. She asked him if he remembered any of the shows from his childhood like The Electric Company or Sesame Street. He answered back, “Oh yes, my favorite was Captain Kangaroo,” to which Janie replied, “That reminds me of a funny Statler Brothers song called Flowers on the Wall. Have you ever heard it?”

Kyle told her he objected to this line of questioning and knew exactly what she was doing. “Wha? Who, me?” Janie giggled and then snuggled back into him, held up her phone and played the video for him on YouTube. Soon, they were both singing along and then they decided to listen to the theme songs from Sesame Street and The Electric Company. She never realized they had so much in common, but then again, they were in their early 20’s so the memories were still fresh in their minds. It was the 90’s after all.

After some time of strolling down memory lane, Kyle remembered one more show from his childhood and said to Janie, “I bet you’ve never heard of the Wuzzles!” Janie thought for a minute and said, “Yes, yes I do! My younger brother used to watch it on Saturday morning and the voices were very big stars like Henry Gibson and Jo Ann Worley! “Right!” Kyle exclaimed and kissed Janie right on the mouth. He was so excited to be sharing all these memories with her and knew they were a match made in heaven.