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JusJoJan and WOD Challenge 1-12-20 On the Rebound

Markus Spisky for Unsplash

On The Rebound

As smitten as he’d been with her

A woman stalked is fearful

She’d left him for another

After which he’d been so tearful

New flesh appeared quite suddenly

Causing stirring in his loins

No matter what his heart said

With her he felt he should join

The gravity of the situation

Dictated that he must

No matter what her feelings were

His head was filled with lust 

He reached for her as she passed by

Catching just a wisp of hair

Yet that’s not all the peeper got

She shot him an icy stare

If looks could kill he’d be dead right now

He thought as he ambled away

Back on the prowl he realized

He’d could hunt another day



This rather odd poem was brought to you by JusJoJan and WOD Challenge prompts: Gravity and Lust

Thank you Linda and Cyranny!


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