WOD Challenge 4-23-20 Weleful Means Blessed

Good Morning, Buenos dias, I am weleful, how about you? Are you well? I am, so in that I am weleful which means blessed. My family's healthy and those that work are still working. We are so lucky. My prayers have been answered time and time again, except for one. Recently, my youngest so's girlfriend… Continue reading WOD Challenge 4-23-20 Weleful Means Blessed

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WOD Challenge-09-05-19-Spontaneous

Catalyst Her time on earth was limited, at best In her life she was the catalyst Attracting men like moth to a flame Treating life like it was just a game There was no love, only lust Her heart was empty, dry as the dust She felt she might spontaneously combust Til the day love… Continue reading WOD Challenge-09-05-19-Spontaneous