WOD Challenge 1-29-20 & Fandango’s FFC #51

Cottonbro @ Pexels.com

As she stared at the negatives, Valerie felt the chill run down her spine as she remembered that night he came to her.

She had awoken in the dead of night, feeling drawn to walk outside as if still in the grasp of a dream. She practically floated out into the back yard, feeling fearful, anxious, and curious all at once. This kind of thing had never happened to her in all of her twenty three years, she did not sleep-walk, alcohol never touched her lips, yet she felt drunk with desire just the same.

As she stood stock still in the yard, she imagined she heard a flapping noise and then suddenly she stared with astonishment as the most handsome man she’d ever seen approached her out of nowhere.

He wore a black cape with a silky looking red liner over a pair of black trousers, a crisp, white shirt which was unbuttoned at the neck, and his black hair was shiny and came just to the top of his shoulders.

She stood still as if in a trance as he reached out to caress her face. His touch was soft and warm, desire made her warm and tingly in places she’d never thought about. Suddenly she was afraid and turned to run back in the house when she saw her neighbor with her camera, evidently spying on them. She made a mental note to get that film later as she fled to the safety of her home.

As she glanced back into the yard, hand on the door, he called to her, “I’ll see you again in your dreams.” Valerie wondered how long that would take.


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