Writing Prompts

W.O.T.D. 10-25-21 Notebooks

I have filled so many notebooks with study notes, and stories, I’m sure I have enough material to teach a class or write a book, but my heart’s just not in it right now.

My dad was moved from the hospital to the rehab center Friday night, and I came home and cried the rest if the night, fearing he was in a bad place and I hated to leave him there. I felt he didn’t want me to go, but was somewhat assured after I fed him his supper and they lowered his bed to practically sit on the floor. See, there are no rails on the bed, because in Texas, it’s considered a restraint (or so they told me) and he has four broken ribs and is a fall risk, so I was freaking out a bit.

To say nothing of the fact that he just went from having morphine and other pain drugs to nothing but Tylenol 3, I was just a wreck Friday night. I literally had to knock myself out to go to sleep. The next morning, Saturday, my husband and I went back there to visit and take him some clothes he would need for Physical Therapy today, he was resting comfortably and was asleep. We didn’t disturb him, but I went back later for a short visit. I can’t stay long, because they make you wear an N95 mask, a long plastic gown and gloves just to visit your person there. We didn’t even have to do that in the hospital!!

Yesterday, after being informed he “scooted” himself out of bed and onto the floor, I went for a short visit and he had been bathed and shaved, and was at the nurses desk so they could watch him. It isn’t an ideal situation, but at least he is being taken care of well. Today I have tons of people to call and inform of his location, so they have it on record. All of his doctors, the VA, and his former Home Health need to know. You have to do all the work these days. Once he is done with rehab -which should take about two weeks- should determine whether he will be able to go into assisted-living or a skilled nursing facility. Hopefully we will have heard from the benefits side of the VA by then because trust me they are already trying to kick him out of the rehab facility. I guess that’s a harsh way to say it, but the social worker there at the facility already came to me yesterday asking what the next step was and how we were going to pay for it. what does that sound like to you??