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SoCS 10-09-21 Flipping Our Lids

My men are not what you’d call the patient type. When they can’t figure out what my dad wants/needs, it may cause them to flip their lids, which was the case just a few minutes ago. Of course, I’ve been known to flip mine too on occasion here lately.

On a different subject, the other day, I could not get the lid off of something in the kitchen, probably because my hands are getting weaker, may have been oily, and I just wasn’t in the right position to get it off due to it’s size. I literally had to bring it into the living room and sit down on the couch to get the dang thing off. It was the lid to my new jar of coconut oil oddly enough.

Dad flipped his lid on me yesterday, and I still haven’t figured out why yet, which bugged me all night. It was silly, really, but not knowing the reason, when the reason can’t be communicated is so frustrating. We were doing his arm exercises, and I was going to move on to one his former OT therapist used to do with him. Throwing clothespins into a bowl on the floor. It never bothered him before, but for whatever reason, yesterday it totally pissed him off, and he started throwing them at the bowl. I said to forget it, and had him sit back down, exercise over! I was upset, and I didn’t want his blood pressure to go up again, so I just wanted to forget about it and changed the subject. Trying to find out the why would have made it worse, so I let it go.

Sometimes, you have to pick your battles, just like with kids.

I’m gonna shut the lid on all of this and go draw something for Inktober or write somewhere else while I have the extra help here. Peace out my peeps!