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My Loving Man-WOD Challenge 09-17-20

Tonite is date night!

Dave and me

The above is my loving man and myself on a date some time ago at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Frijoles, I’m sure, where we will probably be dining this evening, unless he has other plans.

It was either cold outside, or cold in the restaurant because I’m wearing a sweater, lol! I should have retaken the picture because the lights are too bright above our heads, giving us a rather angelic glow haha.

We find that having date nights keeps things interesting, breaks up our week, and of course, gives us a break from cooking. (And an excuse to have a margarita, hehe)

Maybe I’ll try to take a new selfie of us tonight, what do you think?

How many of you married folks have a regular date night?


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