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JusJoJan & SoCS 01-16-21

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘first thing.’ Start your post with the words, ‘first thing’ and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!”

First thing I had to pee. Sorry, folks, but we all do it, don’t we? Haha, but then, the first thing I did was make some apple cider vinegar tea because I was BAD last night! When I’m bad, I drink that before I ever get my coffee. I call it my “mistake eraser” but really it is my detox method for when I’ve eaten or drank too much sugar or alcohol. Last night was “date night” and I might have overindulged just a bit. (I know, I know, we normally do date night on Thursday’s, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go until last night because he was too tired and I had been with my dad longer than usual, so we stayed in.)


You really can’t blame me with the times being what they are, can you? I mean, then pile on family stress, a crappy day, or whatever else might be going on…like family drama and blam! The drinking might commence. Last night’s beverage of choice was — you might have guessed — tequila! Or, to kill ya, lol! It wasn’t as bad as my younger, dumber days, but still…

Dave and I came home from our typical date night dinner at Frijoles and played many games of pool — the new pool cues he bought us a couple of weeks ago are awesome btw — and called it a night around 11. We were sufficiently numb and pretty tired from not sleeping much the night before. Last thing we did was not for a family audience, so I’ll leave that up to your wild imaginations. 😘 😜


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My Loving Man-WOD Challenge 09-17-20

Tonite is date night!

Dave and me

The above is my loving man and myself on a date some time ago at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Frijoles, I’m sure, where we will probably be dining this evening, unless he has other plans.

It was either cold outside, or cold in the restaurant because I’m wearing a sweater, lol! I should have retaken the picture because the lights are too bright above our heads, giving us a rather angelic glow haha.

We find that having date nights keeps things interesting, breaks up our week, and of course, gives us a break from cooking. (And an excuse to have a margarita, hehe)

Maybe I’ll try to take a new selfie of us tonight, what do you think?

How many of you married folks have a regular date night?


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