The Rest Stop-A Class Project

About four years ago, I took a writing class on Skillshare and this morning found it was still getting likes!

I think I’m ready to share it and get feedback on whether or not I should develop it into a longer story. I’d be grateful for some honest opinions, be gentle, lol.

The Rest Stop

It was a cloudy day in early spring, she smelled the freshly mowed grass and wild onions as she stepped from the car. Vehicles zipped past on the freeway, blowing dust and noxious fumes, hitting her face like a gritty blast furnace. On the walk to the restroom, she took time to appreciate the view, blue mountains to the north and wildflowers closer in, the bugloss and the hounds tongue, their soft purple and red petals blowing in the breeze. Beautiful! Now she hurried, not only to relieve herself, but to wash the grime from her face. Soon, she would be in those mountains, fulfilling her lifelong dream. She could hear the wind, whistling through the tall pines, and imagined how fine the peace and solitude would feel, once she crested the summit. She was to be the first Polish female to ever attempt the dangerous climb.

Entering the lobby of the visitor’s center, the smell of lemon disinfectant and rose air freshener filled her nostrils. She past the vending area and grabbed a bag of salted nuts and a coke for the road, knowing it would be hours before she reached base camp. Once she relieved herself, she washed her hands, again finding herself daydreaming of the journey ahead. She could almost smell the acrid smoke from the campfire and taste the frosty apple ale they would drink in celebration of her victory. As for now, she’d better get a move on, she had a good day’s drive ahead, into the annuls of history.


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