WOD Challenge & SOCS 3-21-20 Unwelcome Isolation

How’s everyone holding up this sunny Saturday?

Well, I just wanted to participate in today’s Word of the Day challenge as well as Linda G Hill’s SOCS challenge by combining both prompt words. This unwelcome isolation is for the birds, and frankly, people around here aren’t paying it too much attention yet. I will continue to visit my dad or have my family over for Sunday dinner as long as everyone is well until I am forced to stay home. We went out today to the packed grocery stores, gathering supplies that we may need if it does indeed come to that. We have heard rumors of such things as the National Guard being brought in, yet I don’t have any proof that is true. The constant barrage of fake news and rumor is causing my anxiety to rise, so I shut off the TV and ignore the crap on Facebook until local officials tell me otherwise. Let’s pray it does not get to that point. They tell us we can’t gather in groups as small as ten people, yet the stores are all busy. I don’t get it.

In the meantime, like I have said already, I can find plenty to do at home, but I miss hanging out with my friends at our monthly social events and my big concert I was going to for my birthday has been rescheduled to October 11th. No movies, no going out to eat, yet so far, I can still go for a walk in the park if I care to. Which I should while the weather is nice, or I’m gonna get fat from all this sitting around and eating home cooked meals, lol. We have to keep exercising and making healthy food choices, we are in control of that at least!

I hope you all have a great weekend, join your churches in their livestream services and FaceTime your friends and family!


Word of the Day Challenge


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WOD Challenge-08-27-19-Welcome

Word of the Day Challenge

The Rain Cometh

Our radar this morning

The rain is welcome on my head

Wish I could have stayed in bed

Alas, my mind would not quiet down

Chores await, words to write down

The cat is frisky, the dogs sedate

Food will soon be on my plate

The rain has made it pitch outside

So in with my babies I must hide.

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Hi everyone and welcome to my newest home to share my writing! I would like for everyone who knows me from Kimmy’s Patio, and Keto For Beginners to join me here for anything writing related. Here I will attempt to dazzle you with my stories, articles, essays, challenges, poetry, or whatever else strikes my fancy.
You will see when you check out my about page, that I’m saying much of the same here, basically, I didn’t feel my current blog was the place to showcase my writing, so I needed a new home. If you want to learn everything I am about living the Keto lifestyle, check out my other blog-Keto For Beginners. There, you will find recipes, food photos and more about my Keto journey.

Feel free to comment, make suggestions, join in challenges or whatever you want to do. Just enjoy yourself while you’re here won’t you?