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We Have Science to Thank 02-21-21

Well, today’s WOD Challenge word is science, which is appropriate after the week we have all experienced nationwide. I guess for good or bad, we have science to thank for the advancement of the human race, but remember, nothing would have been possible without God. I tried my hand at an acrostic poem explaining the word Science.

Photo credit Micheal Longmire for Unsplash

Science is the enterprise organizing explanations of the universe

Creating a dependency on electricity, machinery, medicine, and all that’s diverse

Inventing designer animals, cures for disease, trends in food and recipes

Ever evolving necessities, like space travel, safer vehicles, and medicinal quantities

Note the branches; natural, social, and applied sciences lead to the emergence of policies

Communities using these philosophies to live in harmony

Even challenging God’s existence, however can that be?


As a person who worked in the medical field, I understand having a love/hate relationship with science. I know that it’s necessary, and without it, so many people would have died from disease, yet I also believe that God exists and He gave us the ability to think and reason. This somewhat philosophical post was brought to you by the Word of the Day challenge.

Speaking of God, let’s all thank Him for this beautiful warm day, the fact the snow has melted, and for all the people working to get power restored, water pipes fixed, and groceries back on the shelves!! Have a blessed Sunday!