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WOD Challenge 9-5-22 He Only Uses Crest

My husband is so loyal to Crest brand toothpaste that’s the only brand he uses. Period.

Only paste too, none of that fancy stuff 😉

Me, I have special teeth like he has special eyes. I have to use two different toothpastes, mouthwash, floss…🤪🙄😁

Turns out I use some Crest products myself!
A must if you use a night guard!
This one is for nighttime use.

I looked up Crest brand to see how the toothpaste got it’s name and learned all about when and why it was invented, but not a thing about why they call it Crest. Even the colored logo has a special meaning, but why the name?

Is it because it’s gets your teeth as white as a snow capped mountain? Sounds good to me!


In other news, as you may or may not know from previous posts, our house is under contract. We have had four types of inspectors come, and we are now waiting on the VA appraiser the buyers are using. I wish I could just wrinkle my nose and all of this was over! However, I know we will get through all this. Packing is like eating an elephant. Not knowing what is going on makes it difficult to know what to store, what to sell, and what to pack. We did get a couple of loads of boxes and things from the garage to storage. Dave has had four days off and that’s all we got accomplished, but it’s better than nothing! We also got a few things done on the Jeep, and addressed a few cosmetic things on the house. The rain yesterday made for a rather unproductive day, but he got rested up to work on stuff today.

I wish we were getting to do fun things like everyone else this weekend, which is why I haven’t seen my kids at all this weekend-they are busy doing their own thing. We did bump into my friend, Stephanie while at dinner Saturday night. She was supping with her dad, caregiver, Christina, and some friends at our favorite place…Frijoles.

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend ☺️

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Multi-Prompt Post

Today we will attempt to address Linda G Hill’s SoCS and the WOD Challenge together.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “board/bored.” Use one, or use them both for bonus points. Enjoy!

Yesterday, I worked on sorting and packing up the guest room. It was very emotional and overwhelming at the same time. My mind was stretched to its limits and I stayed busy until Dave got home from work.

I found so much that had been stuffed into that closet…not much of it was even ours! Well, lots of extra bedding was, but mostly stuff from Dad’s house, stuff the boys left from past visits or stays, and the memories all of that involved had my brain swimming by end of day. Goodness but we have a lot of comforter sets! And the picture, Lord, the pictures. Boxes and boxes of them!

Then I tackled the hall closet and it’s stuffed shelves. If nothing else, things are clean and organized! This area had some of Claudette’s belongings, including a nice collection of novels (mostly Nora Robert’s) which, if I keep, I’ll have reading material for years to come!

My own Stephen King collection is a tubs worth, and I considered selling it, but couldn’t let go of it in the end. The good thing is, I think we will mainly be storing boxes if all goes as planned. If the new owners are interested in some of our things, we might be willing to leave some stuff here instead of replastering the pool (which the pool inspector said we needed to do). I don’t know yet, but it might be an option.

One thing is, I’ve been too busy to be bored. However, I have to take many small breaks as I work, or I get feeling delirious. I don’t eat much during the day…that may contribute to that feeling. Throw in kid problems, and other people’s drama and my head is about to explode!

A photo from basic training while on maneuvers.

The day before yesterday, I worked on the top of the coat closet where all the board games and school memorabilia is stored. More emotional material! Our service records were in that pile as well. So now I have three more tubs full of stuff to store. Like Jim (my realtor friend said, a room a day and before you know it, you’ll have accomplished so much!

The home inspection is Monday. Wish us luck on that!

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WOD Challenge 8-25-22 Under Contract

I don’t know if “On the Road Again” is a ballad, but I pray I’ll be singing it soon!

The reason? It’s because we accepted the offer of $400k and we are now under contract!
Still…I’m cautiously optimistic because I know things can go south even while under contract but I’m praying 🙏 that doesn’t happen.

There’s a few days in which either party could back out or financing could fall through, yet I feel pretty confident that the buyers are sure and motivated. What’s hard for me is being patient. I want to pack, load the motor home, and organize the moving sale, but I have to wait until a few more decisions are made. I don’t know why, it’s just the way Dave rolls. Once he has a comfort level with the situation, things will happen fast. My concern is that it will turn into chaos!

The more I can get sorted, packed and labeled, the better off we will be. What I am unsure about is what’s going in the moving sale, but there’s still plenty to pack that I know we are keeping. So, I better get busy on that and I will keep you all posted on the progression!

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WOD Challenge 8-24-22

Ok, guys, I can’t concentrate on anything else this morning so I just have to share!

I was told not to get too excited until we are at the finish line, however, my insides are doing a happy dance right now because… we received an offer last night!!

The prospective buyers also included a heartstrings letter at the bottom of their offer letter and after reading that, it’s so hard not to get my hopes up for the both of us!

I’m hoping it all works out so I can get back to packing -especially when it comes to loading up the RV so I know what’s left to sell or store.

The news came on the heels of negative feedback from an earlier showing which got me very upset and emotional, plus, I wasn’t feeling well that day. Then yesterday, my brother’s house flooded again and I discovered it while delivering a package inside for him as he is out of town. Between myself, my real estate agent (who’s is my friend thank goodness), a helpful neighbor, and a flooring friend of my brother’s, we managed to get all the soaked rugs off the floor, drain the pool a little in case we got more rain, and dry the wet floors. He also has a few drainage issues that they are going to address today but without me there because I don’t have the car today.

Drying the floor after removing the sopping wet rug
The pool couldn’t take more water!
Setting up the drain thanks to my friend Jimbo

So, getting good news last night was welcome indeed!! Is it time to branch out and start our new adventure? Stay tuned and find out soon!

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