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Answer Time

Another windless, hazy day, but pleasant temperatures.

Well, it’s time to reveal the answer to the question I left you with on Thursday and the answer is a resounding Yes!

Dave did accompany me to play Mexican Train last night wand we had fun! Maria was at our table and she keeps it quite lively. Dave caught on fast and kept me in line because I think the sugary snacks I had slowed my brain down. They kept catching me off in lala land when it was my turn. 😁

I’m trying to perfect my diction as I work through today’s prompt by the lovely Linda Hill. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dict.” Find a word that contains “dict” and use it in your post. Have fun!

I’m also struggling with my addiction to nicotine, which I get through vaping. I have been trying to get my pods to last 4 days or longer because each pod is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes-so they say. A pack of two is around $10.
Still, it’s not as bad as smoking but when I’m bored, I do it too much. And any time I’m sitting around here, I’m bored. I need to go for a walk when I get like that. Like right now, I am stuffed from our lunch we had in town while we were getting groceries and other supplies we needed. Lights for the canopy, drawer locks for when we move the bus again, and a few Christmas cards to send friends and family.

Maybe next time I’ll ask permission to take a few new friend’s photos so you’ll have faces to go with the names. There are people from all over the world here, from Canada to as far away as Newfoundland! Can you imagine driving for 60 days straight?? Not me!!

We just got new neighbors and they are from Minnesota. The lady was in shorts like me, but the sun is about to dip below the peak again so that means if I don’t walk soon, it’s going to be time to change clothes again! My prediction is that I’m not going to make it! Dave is napping and I’m going to take this time to go try to hang up some pictures while he is asleep. 😁

Tomorrow we go to Phoenix to visit our niece, Tara and her family. Stay tuned for news from that and hopefully pictures! (If I don’t get so busy visiting that I forget).

Writing Prompts

#SoCS 11-5-22 He’s Finally Retired!!

Well ladies and gents, the time has finally come. My man is retired and we are several steps closer to starting our new adventure! But first, we have to address Linda G Hill’s prompt for today:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favorite word.” Decide on your favorite word and use it in your post any way you’d like. Enjoy

Well, I don’t know about “favorite”, but I think a new word my husband thought of is funny…”spirtle!” Have you heard of that commercial where the lady is using this funny instrument to stir things in a pan or pot? It’s called a spirtle. Every time he hears her say it, he says, It’s a spirtle, Myrtle!” Which cracks me up, of course.

This is from last night’s retirement “happy hour” Dave’s boss and I coordinated, yet I was so busy between socializing and figuring out what I could eat, I forgot to take pics again! The weather had turned while we were inside, so I was shivering while trying to take the picture, so unfortunately, it came out blurry. I apologize. The whole point was to get the signs in. Let me tell you the story.

Dave received a super cute card and a couple of nice gifts. The card featured Dave’s face on a cartoon body and inside was several conversation bubbles with all his favorite sayings on them. Things like “it’s a no-brainer”, “it’s all gonna be alright”, and “if I have to do it, what do I need you for?” Then they handed me a bag, and all the sayings were on sticks, supposedly so I can flash the appropriate one at him whenever necessary. 🤣😂.

I had some chicken in a corn tortilla with a little guacamole 🥑, Having food in my stomach allowed me to have the much anticipated glass of wine. 🍷 I also had some chips and guacamole, once I sent back for a bowl without the jalapeños! Normally, I would have been all over that, but no more…at least not yet. Besides the small group of employees and wives, there was my brother, and Dave’s brother there to celebrate.

Today, we had our tasks list and got up early to get started. First, we went to the motor home and hooked up the Jeep to make sure everything worked properly. We were pleasantly surprised! I will have to get used to the fact that everything we do like that takes a little while. Then, we went Academy to try to find some new hiking boots. No joy there, but Kevin got some warm socks and Dave got some new sleep pants. After that, we came back to the house and decided to go to storage to drop a couple of things off and go grab a dresser for Kevin’s bedroom, and some things we needed to put on the motor home.

Later on, we had to make a run to Home Depot to get the screw to fix what was wrong with the slide that the shop didn’t fix. 😡 Then it was off to the Natural Grocers to stock up on my new favorite treat, a candy bar named Chocolove that is sweetened with inulin from beets, and chicory root. I got four different flavors! People, I can’t tell you how delicious they are, and my nutritionist/dietitian was over the moon about it, saying that was a perfect treat for me!!

Now for the exciting news! We know our itinerary, have our destinations booked and reserved, and we are leaving on the 14th!!! We will be going to Tree Cabins RV Resort in Junction, Tx first for a week, then head to Tucson, Arizona to a park called Picacho Peak Park until March 23, 2023. I’m so ecstatic right now! At first I was a little miffed at Dave because he wasn’t sharing in my excitement, but now, seeing him rushing to get everything in order so we will be ready, makes my heart happy. ☺️

The last thing on the list for today was to sell my car to GIVEMETHEVIN.COM. They pay off the note and give you the balance. My payoff was $27,000, so I got almost $6,000 back. That will pad my account nicely for those little emergencies down the road. One of Dave’s last most dreaded tasks is thinning out his clothes. I wish he’d just let me do it, because I know exactly what will happen. He will take too few and need to go buy clothes. 🙄

Whew, did I cover everything? Sorry, I didn’t really address the favorite word thing much, but I had so much news to share, and now I’m ravenous! How’s that for a good word? 😉

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#SoCS 10-22-22 Bad Results


Happy heavenly birthday to my father-in-law, Robert. He would have been 88 today.☹️Yesterday, it was my Dad’s. He also would have been 88.

Today I’ll be dealing with Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bowl.” Use it as a noun or a verb—use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Well, I’ve been trying to incorporate different foods into my diet and adding fiber. I started with a nice warm bowl of oatmeal with some apple Sweetened cranberries on top. Omg, yummy!

For lunch, I ate a bowl of my cousin’s tortilla soup. The tortillas are replaced by cabbage. I don’t know if it was too much fiber, or the soup was too spicy, or if it was that I had those same two things the previous day, but oops! Let’s just say, it was a bad result.

Back on clear liquids now. Weirdly enough, that includes bananas, rice, and dry toast. So this morning, I had toast spread with apple sauce and some green tea. Then, Dave took me to Chili’s and I had a real meal! Salmon, asparagus, and rice. Let’s see if I keep it or not. The asparagus was perfect, crispy, salty, and yet tender enough to chew. I subbed that for the broccoli, which they say is not good for diverticulitis. I had a $25 gift card, so that paid for half the meals. Dave had a burger and fries. I only ate until I got full, then took home the leftovers in a to-go box.

The bus is still in the shop, but Dave is still working on the Jeep to get it also road ready. Replaced the lug nuts, and ordered new shocks, plus he needs to do a brake job on it. 🙄

Might as well take care of all that stuff now while he’s working and has money! I went to Dollar Tree (cause I’m frugal like that) and bought a suction cup soap dish, a moisture absorber, two jugs of low sugar juice (because I must be drinking too much of the cranberry blends…I have another mouth ulcer on my tongue). I bought another item for the RV but forgot what it was already. I was looking for a clear, over-the-door shoe organizer for our bathroom stuff, cause storage is limited in there. They had one, but it wasn’t clear, it was cloth.

I already have a set of mixing bowls, but I might get a smaller, stackable set. We’ll determine later if it’s needed. I offered to buy Kevin some bigger bowls for cereal and soup, but he said he didn’t need them. I beg to differ, but I don’t live here full-time, so I’ll let it go. He hardly ever cooks for himself anyway.

Yesterday, I found the floor in his office by emptying three boxes and storing that stuff in the supply cabinet he took from Dad’s house. David needed room to get his clothes from the closet. I have just about organized everything in this guys house! I have my observations about that too, but I’ll keep ‘em to myself. 🙄😉

It’s a beautiful, mild, sunny day! Go out and enjoy it!

My brother’s office after I emptied the boxes.
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Winter is Coming 10-17-22

Attendance was good!

I forgot to show my new rocking camp chair.

Unbeknownst to me, Dave signed us up to take a winterization class at United RV. This is the same place where we took the motor home for service and a good once over before our maiden voyage.

Dave bought me a cool, hot pink, rocking camp chair so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable in class. It was very comfortable! I’m so glad I’ll have this for all future Rv Parks and campgrounds.

The class was very helpful, informative, and hopefully not necessary. I don’t want to camp in freezing weather. We will be that couple chasing mild temperatures all over the country. 😂

The class was free, it was well-attended, and they even served lunch, but we didn’t stay for that. I wouldn’t have been able to eat whatever they were serving anyway. Dave took notes for a while, then Jim-our instructor- said he’d be making a pdf of them, so he stopped. I still don’t have them, because he hasn’t posted them to the camper group on Facebook yet. I did join the group though, so I’ll get them when they’re ready. I’m not sure where I’ll print them though because my brother doesn’t have a printer but we do have a print shop close.

Anyway, just to be safe, in case we get caught somewhere that gets cold before we can bug out, he also taught us how to do spot winterizations. Most of it was simple, common sense rules, like emptying all hoses that water goes through.

Well, I need to figure out something to do besides sit here. There are men working in my brother’s back yard today though, so I can’t leave. I’m getting bored sitting around so much with nothing to do but watch tv. I had another flare up yesterday because I tried to eat yogurt too soon. So I’m behaving and sticking to the semi bland diet. I did throw an egg in this morning, but they don’t bother me. I may have to live on milk alternatives for all dairy from now on, but I like almond and coconut milk, so I can do this!

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It is done!! 10-11-22

Hey, I just wanted to send a quick post to let everyone know that we closed on our house yesterday!! Hallelujah!!

The work is done, we have our funding, and the nightmare is over! We are officially homeless, lol!

Not really, of course, because our temporary home is here at my brothers house, and then our home will become the motor home! As soon as Dave can retire, we will bug out!

My current health issue is cause for concern, as is facing our future with no health insurance besides the VA. So, we still have a few things to figure out.

As always, I will keep ya posted! Have a wonderful evening everyone 🤗☺️