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WOD Challenge 8-5-22 Taking Shape!

Almost finished ✔️

I’ve had a relaxing day and even worked two hours on my latest Diamond Art project!

I was focusing so hard on the work, I didn’t see that I’m so close to being done! I never even saw the light house was done until today, before I started the last 30 minute session.
You use tiny little jewels, not exactly bijoux, but that’s why they call it Diamond Art.

I felt I deserved a “screw off” day after the week I’ve had getting the house ready for the photographer to come take pics because (drum roll) we’re putting her on market next Wednesday!!

If it sells as fast as we’re hoping, I’m asking for a thirty day period to get the RV loaded and set up an estate sale. Plus, David hasn’t even started on sorting his clothes yet. In addition, we are still on the fence about getting that lake house. I say no, but he is still entertaining the idea.

So, our new adventure is taking shape as well! Wish us luck!!

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WOD Challenge 7-22-22 We Now Own It!

Well folks, I guess all that breathing and praying paid off!!

I’m no longer feeling petulant or impetuous, I’m feeling jubilant instead because we are now the proud owners of the RV we looked at in Melissa!!

I cannot tell you how elated I am, how grateful to the sellers that did everything in their power to make sure we ended up with the RV, and how anxious I am to get the “ show on the road.”

The house still has not gone on the market however, we have one little jag of carpet to lay down in our dressing room and then we can tell our real estate agent, “let’s go.”

We met with the sellers yesterday, gave them the cashiers check, and filled out all the necessary paperwork and had it notarized. They talked to us for quite a while, and we agreed to meet this Saturday or next to do our walk-through and learn more about the RV. It will stay in the storage facility in Melissa until the end of August or until the house sells and we’re ready to move it to a storage facility closer to our home.

The sellers are a sweet little couple from Sherman who bent over backwards to make sure we were the ones that got the RV. I inquired about the husband‘s health because he suffers from ulcerative colitis. He said he was having a flare and would have to go in for infusion therapy, but it wasn’t too terrible right now. We will base our visit to tour the bus and learn the layout on his well-being, and his schedule. After all, we have time because David doesn’t even retire until October 1.

Meanwhile, I need to start thinking about how to pack our stuff up, what will go with us on the RV, what will go into storage, and what we will sell/give away. I mean, I’ve been thinking of it, but now it’s time to get a little more serious. Initially I was going to box up all of my crafts and jewelry making supplies and sell them, but after going through the closet and making a list of everything I had, I just can’t bear to part with it yet. I keep thinking that later on when we’re done traveling and we’re back in a house I may want to take it up again. Plus, I spent so much money on all those jewelry supplies I will never get it back.

Last night was date night which turned into quite the celebration now that we are owners of the RV. So far I have not posted anything on social media except for one picture that I put on Instagram. My thought is that in the future, I may be like several other bloggers in the RV community, and start a blog on our travels and what life is like in our RV. I think more people have success on Instagram than Facebook. I now get to join others in the RV community with the famous #RVLIFE.

We haven’t told the boys yet, if we don’t see them tonight maybe we will tell them at family dinner on Sunday if I can wait that long, lol. Oddly enough, I did tell Joshua’s ex girlfriend and Christopher’s ex girlfriend. I’m not bragging or anything I’m just overjoyed and wanting to share the news. That’s why I’ve resisted the urge to post on Facebook because I don’t want to jinx anything with the universe by bragging or what seems to be bragging. I am grateful, and so thankful that things lined up for us. We’ve taken the first step in what is going to be a great adventure and I’m anxious to see more of the United States than I’ve ever seen. But first things first; sell the house, sell or trade in my car for a Jeep which Dave says is the perfect Tow vehicle for flat towing.

We’ve also made the decision to have my brother be our homebase and not buy the lake house right now. We decided we do not want extra bills on top of what is going to be a lot of expense dealing with the RV. We will have to do our homework, research, plotting and planning, to get the best deals, discounts, and freebies. RV costs can really stack up if you don’t. The bright side is we won’t have a house payment anymore or insurance or utilities so I’m hoping everything will even out.

Last night we enjoyed our usual date night dinner and drinks followed by playing pool at home followed by getting in the pool to cool off. The night ended on a decidedly happy note 😉💕

Stay tuned for more updates in the saga, unless you’re tired of hearing about it, in which case you can come back later when we start traveling, because I doubt I’ll be able to resist the urge to update you on our progress!!

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WOD Challenge 7-19-22 Whew! TCFC!

Wow, guys, that was too close for comfort!

The mood was decidedly somber last night after Dave announced that the price to insure the Rv was so high that we may not be able to purchase our RV after all. On top of that, the cost to secure a tow rig for a vehicle was $4,000! If we keep taking hits like those before a wheel ever rolls on this thing, we are never going to make it. We might have been suffering from a little gad last night.

Then came the call with our insurance agent Mr. Rooney, who gave Dave some new numbers that sounded a lot better. Dave also talked to the seller, who threw in the towbar and lowered the price of the RV another thousand dollars. Dave took the night to sleep on it. Then, sometime this morning, he called me and said he’s going to by it! I still can’t bring myself to get excited yet, maybe once I know for sure the deal is done and the bus is ours.

Mind you, I had already made my mind up to be grateful no matter the outcome. I just figured we’d go back to the drawing board and maybe take another look at the Class C motorhomes. Still, we both knew we wanted the bus, and agonized over how we could make it happen. Actually, Dave did more of that than me, I just waited to hear what the insurance agent said. I truly believe that 1) my brother was praying for a good outcome for us, and 2) if it’s meant to be, it will come to pass.

I’m feeling more optimistic that we will be gadding about the countryside in the not too distant future.

In other news, I had my second shingles vaccine yesterday, and while the first one didn’t affect me whatsoever, this one is whooping my butt. Last night I had fever so hot I woke up freezing and chattering my teeth. I made myself get up and take some Tylenol, and the fever broke but I still felt crummy when I got up this morning. The injection site is hot and sore, and I’ve been sick to my stomach all day. I am managing to get stuff done between breaks of sitting and resting. it’s about time to take some more Tylenol, so I will let you go and holler back with updates as they come in.

Has anyone else had the shingles vaccines and did you have a bad reaction to one or the other? let me know in the comments.

See ya next time!

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Going to be Busy

What a week it’s been!

It was in an enclosed RV storage place when we saw it.

May be ”the one!”

Real wood everywhere!

Sunday we went to Melissa and saw the best RV yet! It was a Class A that was absolutely immaculate! The price was nearly twenty thousand dollars cheaper than we previously looked at. The couple selling it had it in a wonderful, enclosed storage facility. The interior was real wood and furniture that was not marred in any way. It did not look used. It was, in fact, well-used. They were very honest, helpful, and knowledgable. We think it might be ”the one.”

I am reserving my excitement until the deal is done. I have more pics, but I don’t want to take up a ton of space. i’m already getting notifications on my iPhone that my storage is almost full.

Monday I took Dave to work so I could take the car to the shop and run errands. We’d had a light on the dash saying low tire pressure-which was false-it’s just that Honda makes their cars so proprietary it can sense when an unmatched tire has been put on the car. Being down to one car will take some getting used to, but I don’t mind, I rarely go anywhere anyway.

Yesterday Dave had it, so I stayed home. Cooked dinner, tried to get a little more organized in my office and a few more things packed in a box. I haven’t been able to get my head around how I’m going to pack my craft closet or maybe I will decide to sell it all. It’s a hard decision because it took me a long time and a lot of money to collect all that jewelry making stuff. I have enough stuff for someone to open a jewelry store! I fixed a broken shelf in the refrigerator, worked on my diamond art and watched another episode of the old man on Hulu, and washed clothes so we would have clean undies for our trip.

Tomorrow, I will take Dave to work, come home and get us packed, the go pick him up around lunchtime, and we will drive back to our little AirBNB in Zavala so we can go look at lake properties in Toledo Bend. I’m so excited, things are starting to line up now. We will look at two or three tomorrow and Friday, come back Saturday. Dave has been working on a few house repairs so we can get this thing on the market. We may go ahead and purchase the RV before the house sells and get it to a storage facility closure to us until we are ready to go. hopefully we find a lake property we like this weekend because then maybe we can just basically switch houses. When we were looking at on the Internet we saw one that has a wonderful RV cover but we have to go and measure it to make sure the RV we want will fit under it.

I saw an America’s Got Talent episode, that made me stop and think, ”Why are you not just grateful for whatever the outcome may be?” So regardless of how this all turns out, Dave is retiring, we have lots of time. I’m just going to be patient, grateful, and thank the Lord for that! I have been trying to get him to retire for 5 years!

I have faith we will get what we need from the sale of our house, and then we will be able to get the lake house we want. If not, we’ll stay with Kevin and wait a bit longer. Not sure what we’ll do with the contents of our house, but it will all work out I’m sure! I’m excited to go to our little Airbnb in Zavala because we had fun a few weeks ago when we did it the first time. Sure he could have found some thing on Toledo bend to rent for a couple of days but this was available and it’s not that far. I think it took us 30 minutes to get from like Sam Rayburn to Toledo bend lake the last time.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend, I will hopefully update on Sunday!

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WOD Challenge 6-17-22 Never Have I Tried a Rye

Never Have I Tried a Rye

I have never tried a rye

Tortillas do me fine

But if I ever tried that bread

I’d pair it with red wine

Good grief! The month is almost gone and I have whiled it away doing almost nothing! Where does the time go? And now I’m feeling under the weather…which is Africa hot btw!

I’ve been busy with church things, working and worrying about Dad’s house, which is over now, and dealing with my grief. Things are improving in general, and Dave and I are planning an out-of-town trip next weekend (hopefully) to go look at some property in east Texas. It is getting close to the time for him to retire and for us to enter into the next chapter/phase of our lives.

I have so many things I want to do but have no energy lately to do them. I’m hoping once I feel better, this will change because I have begun to write things in my head again. Like this silly little poem, I can write whole posts in my head but if I don’t write them down, they’re gone forever. I started my book/essay/whatever and I’m working on my entry for this year’s Literary Taxidermy contest. I still need to sort through pictures of Mom and Dad and get them into the album. We need to start whittling down our belongings because the plan is to downsize when we move. I’m trying to keep several plants alive, and Dave has a nice garden growing that I also keep an eye on. I have choir, practice, and faith-based book club meetings at church that I love, yet will have to leave behind when we move on.

All these things and more are swirling around in my head and I’m trying to get to a point where I feel like straightening things out. I have only worked out once this week because I feel bad, but I am on antibiotics now, so things are hopefully going to improve soon. (stupid body, I can NEVER play without paying for it!)

My office is a nightmare, I think I’m going to cancel my Medium membership because I never write on that platform anymore. I need to find a new one. I was invited to join a Discord writing group yesterday but watched an expose on Discord last night so…I’m thinking not.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, trying to stay cool, or warm wherever you are!

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