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A Quiet Desperation

A Quiet Desperation

Photo credit: Unsplash

It’s with a quiet desperation I find
Myself wanting to leave this year behind.
The folks I’ve lost, the tragedy it’s brought,
Solace and peace are what I’ve sought.
May the New Year bloom with positivity and light
And may angels grace my dreams at night.
Saying prayers the future is much less fraught
With nightmares, stress, and all that lot.
Hope is eternal and dreams do come true,

My wish is for brighter tomorrows, not just for me but for all of you too!!



Word of the Day Challenge



WOD Challenge 4-3-20 We All Need Help Right Now

We All Need Help Right Now

Nick Fewing for Unsplash

I need help to calm down,

help to relax

this virus is causing my nerves to tax

especially when someone next to me sneezes

coughs, or otherwise wheezes

i can’t help but be nervous

for family and friends

waiting for the crisis to be over

never ends

we all need to pray and help each other cope

but most of all, don’t dare let us lose hope. 🙏🙏


Word of the Day Challenge

Say a collective prayer for each other as we struggle to get through this time together.


”God please keep my family safe, help me help them however I can, while trying to comply with the rules put in place. Amen.”