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A Simple Example

I am starting to understand the architecture of Spanish sentences.

In this sentence: Cuando te cepillas el cabello? (When do you brush your hair) the verb comes after the word “you” instead of before it as in our language. The way the Spanish reads is “When you brush the hair” if read literally. The Spanish verbs come after the pronoun as in this sentence: Nosotros nos lavamos bien, which means: “We wash ourselves well.” Nosotros is “we”, lavamos is “wash”, bien is “well”, and nos is “ourselves” in this sentence. So literally, it would read: We ourselves wash well.

Of course, I am learning Spanish on the Duolingo app which teaches more like a video game that rewards correct answers, so it gives me multiple choice answers to choose from- and I would learn it faster if I wrote down useful phrases more, but I am on day 251 (in a row) of my learning streak, so I have learned over 1000 words and I don’t know how many sentences, but it is getting easier to read and comprehend for me. The hard part is remembering it long enough to speak it in practice or public.

Hay dos cepillos en el bano reads: There are two brushes in the bathroom (in English) but in Spanish it literally translates like this: Hay is “there are”- dos means two, cepillos means brushes, and en el is “in the” and of course bano is bathroom. My keyboard doesn’t let me put the accents over the “ns” so I get told all the time to watch my accents. lol

The adjective goes after the noun in this sentence: Ella se cepilla su cabello largo. “She is brushing her long hair.” “Cabello” is hair and “largo” is long. It takes a while and some practice, but it is becoming easier for me to understand it now.

In Spanish, helping words are sometimes used as well like this sentence: Ellos siempre se cepillan los dientes. “They always brush their teeth.” Los, el, la, or las” are words that come before body parts, like los dientes is “the teeth” in this sentence. It doesn’t translate that way exactly, which gets confusing without practice.

Apps like Duolingo and Babbel teach Spanish in a way that is easier to understand, so get busy and learn a new language the fast and easy way! It’s fun and to me, kind of addicting, but those of you who know me or follow my blog know that I am addicted to learning new things. How many courses have I taken now??? A bunch, I can tell you!

I hope you have enjoyed this different interpretation of the word architecture which is the Word of the Day. 🙂

Word of the Day Challenge

This Virus, The Rules, All Unpredictable

Well, I guess I’m done going anywhere again for a while! 😦

The news came this morning that Betsy Price (our mayor) has ordered we must wear face masks if entering a business. That was just a requirement before we had a huge surge in cases of the COVID-19 virus over the weekend. Now they are mandatory!

I still don’t know if I’m buying all this nonsense, yet, who knows what is true and what’s a lie. It’s all so unpredictable. One day, masks will help. The next day, they are said to be useless. One day we are flattening the curve. The next day, there’s a surge. Rumors fly that they are saying everything that comes in is reported as being the virus because Medicare gets more money.  That’s impossible!

I refuse to go everywhere with a mask on, I don’t believe they work, in fact, I think they cause more harm than good. So, date nights will be at home I guess, groceries will once again be bought and delivered to me, I will not be one of those fools you see driving around in their own cars wearing a mask! What does that do????

Check out this article

I wonder how restaurants will handle the new rules, I mean, one cannot eat with a mask on. It’s all so ridiculous. I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction and once things settle down again, everything will return to normal.


Ok, rant over. Happy Thursday everyone!

PS-I am on my 93rd day streak on Duolingo!! I have mastered 23% of the course! That’s one good thing that has come out of all this mess. I’m learning a new language and it’s fun!


WOD Challenge 4-7-20 Grace and Frankie

Good morning! I decided to grace you all with my presence, LOL!!

Just kidding, haha, the word of the day for today’s challenge is grace, so I had to make a little joke there. I am trying to rise above the stress, anxiety, and worry that has threatened the past few days.

So, since the word of the day is grace, I thought I’d share that my latest guilty pleasure is Grace and Frankie which I watch when I’m working on my latest Diamond Art Project. It’s a comedy on Netflix and I hate to say it stars Jane Fonda, and I’m still watching it. Right now, I’m ignoring the fact that I can’t stand her because we all need a comedic break right now, and this show is laugh-out-loud funny! I wouldn’t say pees in my pants funny like someone in my Bunco group said it was, but it’s pretty funny in spots.

The show is very controversial, but they tackle it with as much grace as they possibly can. It’s about two ladies who become fast friends when their husbands of thirty years leave them…for each other!!! Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen play unlikely but convincing partners in this role, and Lily Tomlin is Grace’s friend as the hippy dippy, fun-loving friend who always ends up in some kind of pickle. In the beginning, they don’t get along well, but as the story unfolds, their friendship grows and it’s a thing of beauty to watch. You should check it out!

Here is a trailer: https://youtu.be/CDv6PRi1SgQ

So, if you can get past any misgivings about the stars or the subject matter, give it a watch, it’s very entertaining and funny!

In other news, I’d like to share that I am sailing through my Spanish lessons on Duolingo with grace and ease! They make it like a game, and it is so addicting and fun! If you want to learn a new language, I highly suggest getting the app and diving right in! I have stayed with the free version so far, because I am not working and can’t afford any new monthly bill coming out of my account. That means I have to stay up on my lessons to earn the hearts I need to keep going, but if you use them up (making mistakes uses them up) they will refill after a certain amount of time, or by watching ads. This morning I started reading little short stories to improve my reading and listening skills, I plowed right through 5 of them and still kept all my hearts! Give it a try, at least it’s fun!


Word of the Day Challenge