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WOD Challenge-Reminded-08-19-20

Where has this month gone???

After yesterday’s visit to the vet with both pups, I didn’t have to be reminded to give them their meds!

Poor Whiskey has an eye infection (looks much better today) and Brandy has a rash covering her entire body. She got a shot and some antibiotics, and Whiskey got some ointment to be applied twice a day til her eye clears up. What caused all this? We thought they caught something at the groomers, but then realized that Brandy had to be taken in at the very same time last year for the exact same thing!! So it must be an allergy to something that blooms in the grass this time of year, or something else to do with the yard. She has very sensitive skin anyway, once she had the same thing happen when a different groomer changed the kind of shampoo she used on her. That one resulted in a very expensive vet bill, so I changed groomers after that.

We love our fur babies, but taking care of them is like raising kids, very costly! Still, we have to do it to keep them healthy and happy!


On a different subject, no one answered my question about the reader so am I to assume that we cannot see our own work show up in the reader?


One more thing before I leave you, dear readers. We (me and other writes there) have just discovered that Medium (click to read their new terms of service) is not playing fair and is possibly stealing our work, so some of us are considering leaving the platform. I’m not sure what we are going to do in the interim, but stay tuned! Just like Facebook (which I am on a hiatus from currently) and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), they have become too powerful and greedy, so I’m done with all of them. Maybe the answer is to launch a new platform. Maybe I just move all my writings from Medium here, or change my keto blog to a writing blog I can monetize…who knows. One thing is for sure, I will miss Medium and all my favorite publications I was writing on, so something has to be done. We are putting on our creative thinking caps and I’ll keep you posted!

Since I am no longer on Facebook (well, I am but I’m not “liking” or commenting right now), you can always email, text, or message me. Or call me! Or of course, keep up with me here on the blog(s).

Feliz Mercoles everyone!!


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