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WOD Challenge & SoCS a Day Late on That One!

Feliz Domingo everyone! I’m going to go ahead and combine my posts again today, meshing the word of the day with stream of consciousness Saturday…albeit a day late.

Your Friday Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “brush.” Use it as a noun, verb, or an idiom. Have Fun!

Okay, Linda. Here goes:

My dogs, as some of you may or may not know, suffered some kind of allergic reaction, and Brandy got the worst of it…a rash covering her whole body, but mainly concentrated on the hip area right above her tail. So, it’s been a week so far on her meds, and the bumps have turned into scabby, scaly spots-plus she was dirty again, so I decided to carefully bathe her in her special medicated shampoo, then gently brush her out. She looks So.Much.Better! She smoothed out, and has to be more comfortable now. Clean, shiny, and smelling better too! Maybe now she will stop scratching at it so much.

I hate that I cannot work in my garden. It has become overgrown, strewn with weeds, and needs to be dug up completely, tilled, and start all over again…none of which I can do. The hubby is bushed, and my son, well, he doesn’t do much around here. So all I can do is stare at it and wish my knee wasn’t such a pain in my a**. If I could do just a little at a time, I might get it done in about a week, but I know myself and I can’t hold back. Once I start digging in the dirt, that’s all she wrote! Maybe I can be patient, wait until its a little cooler, and sweet talk my hubby into helping me get it done. It isn’t hurting anything but my pride at this point. It’s just a corner garden in the top part of my yard, close to the pool, but it takes a lot of work to keep it up.

So, on another note, I found out Medium isn’t stealing our work after all, but I still haven’t decided if I’m going to stay or pull my work off and maybe start a new blog. I briefly considered asking the other writers if they’d like to join me and start a new platform, but I’m not sure I could commit as much time to it as that would take. I’m studying the transcription course right now, taking typing and grammar lessons, and spending more time with Dad. Maybe I’ll just keep on keeping on the way I have been and see what happens. I have a nice following on Medium after all. I love contributing to Chalkboard and The Friday Fix every week. Those are the only two I’ve had much time for, yet last week I did a collaboration on a poem as well for a different publication. If you’d like to see my work over there, my Medium link is: https://link.medium.com/SUKwPn82b9.


Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, see you again soon!


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