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Can’t Do the Wave

We are boycotting football this year.

Don’t judge me. We are still watching the sports that are not so controversial like golf and ice hockey. Of course, there won’t be attending any games due to Covid-19.

Remember the Wave? Well, you can’t do the wave in an empty stand.

It’s ok, I am just not feeling sports this year anyway.

I would’ve liked, however, to attend the concert that got canceled. Concerts are my jam. Especially hard rock concerts that really get you moving and shaking. The bands I’m sure you’ve never heard of we were due to see were: Five Finger Death Punch, Ice Nine Kills, and I Prevail, just to name a few.

And now, since I like music, waves, the ocean, and discovering new bands, I’d like to show you a funky song called Wave by ATEEZ.



Have a great Thursday everyone!!

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Do the Wave

    • Dammit! I don’t know why my music videos never play! 😡
      If you want to see it, and I think you should, go look up Waves by ATEEZ on YouTube. They are a gorgeous Japanese boy band and the tune is jammin!


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