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Spontaneous Decisions

Good morning!

I’m responding to the word of the day challenge with this post about the dangers/joys of spontaneous decisions!

First off, I wanted to start a position with Task Rabbit so I could make a little extra holiday cash. I signed up…but caught myself before submitting my credit card info because something doesn’t seem right about paying a $25 fee to be considered for work. I’m here to MAKE money, not give it, right? Plus, I understand they take quite a substantial part of your earnings, so maybe this is not the job I need. It was almost a bad spontaneous decision.

On the other hand, they say that if you work a few tasks, which range from heavy lifting to data entry, you will make your one-time sign-up fee back in no time. Thoughts? Opinions?

Then a few minutes ago, I created a Substack account, which is a place to write my fifty-word fiction based on a prompt from others, you faithful readers, or whatever I choose. That was also a spontaneous but easy decision, one I could eventually make a few pennies doing. It’s kind of like my writing on Medium, but less hostile. Medium has come out with so many new rules and regulations, many writers have left the platform. I’m still there, but because of my studies and family commitments, I write much less right now. I think I made a $1.50 this month, lol. That won’t buy many Christmas presents.

I’m also selling a few items on Facebook marketplace and 5Mile, so maybe that will earn me some holiday funds.

Now I just need to create a story for my Substack page so y’all will have something to read, lol! Here is the link for my page and if you subscribe, you will get my fiction in your inbox when I create a story: kim5dc.substack.com

Happy reading and thanks for listening!

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