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Spontaneous Decisions

Good morning!

I’m responding to the word of the day challenge with this post about the dangers/joys of spontaneous decisions!

First off, I wanted to start a position with Task Rabbit so I could make a little extra holiday cash. I signed up…but caught myself before submitting my credit card info because something doesn’t seem right about paying a $25 fee to be considered for work. I’m here to MAKE money, not give it, right? Plus, I understand they take quite a substantial part of your earnings, so maybe this is not the job I need. It was almost a bad spontaneous decision.

On the other hand, they say that if you work a few tasks, which range from heavy lifting to data entry, you will make your one-time sign-up fee back in no time. Thoughts? Opinions?

Then a few minutes ago, I created a Substack account, which is a place to write my fifty-word fiction based on a prompt from others, you faithful readers, or whatever I choose. That was also a spontaneous but easy decision, one I could eventually make a few pennies doing. It’s kind of like my writing on Medium, but less hostile. Medium has come out with so many new rules and regulations, many writers have left the platform. I’m still there, but because of my studies and family commitments, I write much less right now. I think I made a $1.50 this month, lol. That won’t buy many Christmas presents.

I’m also selling a few items on Facebook marketplace and 5Mile, so maybe that will earn me some holiday funds.

Now I just need to create a story for my Substack page so y’all will have something to read, lol! Here is the link for my page and if you subscribe, you will get my fiction in your inbox when I create a story: kim5dc.substack.com

Happy reading and thanks for listening!

Word of the Day Challenge

Accomplished, Yet Sore

Good morning my lovely peeps!

Today I am taking a break from my studies (except for Spanish, of course) because yesterday I took up the nasty carpet in the dressing area of our master bath and I am very sore.

I’m planning on going to Dad’s for lunch anyway, which leaves me short on time.

So I accomplished something I probably should have left to my husband to do, but I feel good having done it now. My legs and arms are so sore! I guess I’m terribly out of shape. Cutting carpet, rolling it up and carrying it out to the trash, hammering out all the tack strip and removing the nails may not sound like much, but it wore me out completely.

Then, I got the bright idea to get the sledgehammer and try to remove the tile. Luckily, I realized my limitations after removing a small strip. I would have been rendered useless for the rest of the day, maybe even today!!

I sent pics to my husband and kids. They asked if I was bored (my kids, not my husband) and I told them no, not bored; disgusted! That carpet was so stained, stinky, and nasty. I’m glad to be rid of it…it was here when we moved in almost five years ago.

We will not be replacing it with more, we will probably go with new tile. So anyway, I guess I’ve started the process of remodeling the master bath (although that was not my intention).

Dave was happy, he just didn’t want me to overdo it, which I almost did!

Here’s a few pics.


Carpet removed

Tack strip and nails removed

Small strip of tile removed

When we remodel, I will show you the pictures. The plan is to take out the tub and replace it with a corner garden tub, expand the size of the shower, and of course, replace all of the brown tile on the tub and shower with something more modern. Tile the floors and add rugs. Paint the rooms and possibly change the sink, counter, and cabinets. Not sure when all this will take place, poor Dave has got his hands full at work and my sons are all busy with their respective jobs.

I’ll surely keep you posted!


In other news, I have decided to join Substack-a different place for my micro fiction. I published my first story today, not having done my research and now I have no idea where the story went. So if you get an email from me with my story, let me know. I will study up on how Substack works and hopefully do better next time. I think there’s an option to send directly to the web, or send it to your email subscribers. I didn’t know that until after I published my post. That’s what I get for not reading all the directions first. 😉


Introducing Fiction in 50 on Substack


Hi Guys!

I want to introduce some of you who may not know about this new platform called Substack and a great writer who was formerly on Medium; Dascha Paylor and her stories on Fiction in 50

These are works of micro fiction like we used to write together on The Friday Fix which has been temporarily halted since its editor, Justin Deming moved onto bigger and better things. (He also left Medium)

I’ve not left yet, but I have looked at Dascha and other’s work on Substack and I like it, so I’m sharing it to bring awareness to the platform and it’s authors.

To read her story, just click the blue link above! Happy reading!

Btw, anyone can create an account on Substack.com and create your own stories!