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No Resolutions-JusJoJan-Word of the Day-1-1-21

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I don’t make New Years resolutions anymore, it’s a set up for failure.

What I will do is make lists, promises to myself, and approach new things with a can-do attitude. So, I’m not saying I’ll do a certain thing by a certain time, but I still might get some things accomplished. That is the true goal anyway.

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This year, hopefully very soon, I want to have my course finished and start finding transcription clients. That’s the big goal. Some smaller ones may be to drop the extra pounds I put on over the holidays, but I’m easing into that one 😉

As always, I strive to do what I can to help my dad with whatever he needs to make his life easier, less lonely, and the healthiest he can be. I spend time with him, take him everywhere he wants/needs to go, and make sure his hearing aid equipment is stocked and working correctly. These things take away time for me to achieve my goal, but it will still get done, however, that is why I don’t put a time limit on myself.

I want to be speaking Spanish by the end of the year, not just reading and comprehending it. That means I need to put it into practice, so look out! I may need to practice on you! lol

I’d like to do enough DAP so that I have some to offer as prizes for the highest donation to my end of year fundraiser for PKD research.

A goal I share with my hubby is to find a piece of property to invest in for our retirement.

Like here maybe?

All of that should keep me busy for a while along with everything else I normally do. What about you, my wonderful friends and followers? Do you make resolutions, goals, or promises? Tell me about them! Maybe we can be accountability partners.

Whatever you do, have a positive, hopeful outlook and a can-do attitude and let’s make 2021 the best year ever!! Happy New Year, eat your peas and cabbage or whatever you believe brings you good luck, and prosperity in the new year! Love you all and thank you for hanging with me all this time!


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2 thoughts on “No Resolutions-JusJoJan-Word of the Day-1-1-21

  1. What is DAP? I like your can-do attitude about it all! I find that when I said it any kind of time limit on anything it automatically makes me anxious and nervous. So my overall goal is to just do everything at my own pace!

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