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JustJoJan & WOD 01-18-21 10 Wishes

Good morning and welcome to the wildly anticipated (just kidding) blog post this Monday the 18th, 2021!

If I could have just 10 wishes….

  1. I’d wish for more time in the day to do my Diamond Art.
  2. I’d wish I was already through my transcription course and working my first job.
  3. I’d wish we had won the lottery over the weekend and be on our way to our forever home.
  4. I’d wish we didn’t have to wear masks or socially distance anymore.
  5. I’d wish my dad didn’t have Parkinson’s and could still talk to me!
  6. I’d wish my situation was different and my dad could move in with me and then go wherever we end up going.
  7. I’d wish we had already found and purchased the perfect spot by the perfect lake (or ocean) and lived there already.
  8. I’d wish my stalkers would leave me alone. (Like the ones on Words with Friends, Instagram, and whoever has been blowing my phone up with sicko messages)
  9. I’d wish my hubby was retired and doing something he loved, and that he was pain free to enjoy it!
  10. I’d wish I didn’t feel so guilty and anxious all the time.

These are in no particular order, they just came to me this way. As you can see, there’s a story or two lurking 👀 in my list of wishes. 😜

Happy Monday everyone! Oh, one more thing…

Today is the 300th day in a row for my Spanish lessons on Duolingo! I wish I was speaking it already!! I have a long way to go, but I am reading and comprehending a lot!

What do you wish for today?

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