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JusJoJan & WOD 01-25-21

David Hurley for Unsplash

She didn’t see life through rose colored glasses, so when the bully crushed them under his boot while snatching her purse in the dark alley, she swore he’d get his comeuppance.

At once, she started formulating her plan, even as he stuffed her in the trunk and drove away to where, she wouldn’t find out. She groped in the dark trunk for the ring to release the hatch, then waited for the car to stop at a light or something.

At the first opportunity, she popped the hatch and slithered out so she would not be detected. Carefully crouching behind the car, she peered through her hazel eyes that, without her specs made everything blurry, and cautiously made her way to the side of the road, miraculously, she didn’t get hit by oncoming traffic.

Hurriedly, she crept behind a gas station until he drove off, but before he did, she snapped a photo of his license plate. Once she saw his taillights disappear, she hurried into the shop and had the clerk call 911. She explained everything to the police when they arrived and luckily, they first put out a bolo for the crook’s car, then kindly drove her home, where she immediately made an appointment to get new glasses.

This silly short story was brought to you by the Word of the Day prompt and part of JusJoJan for today!


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