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WOD Challenge 02-25-21 Success!

Yesterday, Becky and I hit the stores after a yummy Thai lunch and did our level best to find Mr. Dave a birthday present. He’s a hard customer to buy for, lol. When he wants something, he just goes and gets it.

We went to a new outlet store near us called Ollie’s and Becky made out like a bandit! I found a few small things and off we went to another store. Well, we had to detour to my dad’s house to take him cards for Dave and Sean because he can’t go shopping for himself anymore, so after that we went to Academy.

The ideas we had been tossing around seemed ok, but just not quite right. An air fryer, a bunch of things related to cooking crawfish…

It was pure serendipity that I remembered he mentioned needing new running shoes and here we were in a store that sells those very things! So, I got him a pair, and a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts. and Becky got him a generous gift card from herself and Chris. She had also bought him a cool cookbook ( at Ollie’s) with recipes for an Instapot and/or an Air Fryer. So he had a good day because she also stayed and had dinner with us. We had a wonderful day together and then she stayed for dinner. Win, win!

This little account of our day is brought to you by the Word of the Day prompt. Thanks for all of you that wished Dave a happy birthday 🤗


Word of the Day Challenge


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