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WOD Challenge 02-28-21 Stoic

If I understand the definition of stoic, then my dad is the personification of the word.

Not only did he care for my mom until the last month of her life without complaining, despite working a full-time job until he was 80, he suffers all kinds of daily pain and disability without ever complaining. In fact, he’s so bad at showing feelings or emotion, I have to constantly ask him if he is ok, does he need anything?

Part of the reason he doesn’t show emotion is the Parkinson’s itself. People with the disease are said to wear a blank mask, showing no feelings because (I guess) of the stiffening of all the muscles. Additionally, he can barely speak and his hearing is bad, even with his hearing aids. 

He does still occasionally crack a smile, if surrounded by family or while watching something funny. 
Most of the time, it’s at me when I make an unfortunate pool shot resulting in a loss for me. 🤣

He is still a kind, giving, and generous person, despite his personal situation. He always makes sure he remembers everyone’s birthdays, giving us cards and money, since he can’t go shopping himself. He tries to pay for lunch all the time, even when I tell him no, I’ve got it. I don’t want him spending his money on me, he is on a fixed income, so lots of times I insist on paying. 

I need to take lessons from him on being stoic, I’m the opposite of that if that’s possible, lol. If I’m in pain or miserable, I can’t seem to keep it to myself. The truth is, no one wants to hear that, so I will try harder to complain less! 


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