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WOD Challenge 03-04-21 Birthday

Good morning and let’s welcome March as it comes in on a sunny spring note!


It’s my birthday month, and as such, I want to talk about me! Just kidding, I’m sure yall have heard enough about me! But having said that, the 12th is my birthday and I will be a sensational 60!!! What????

Yep! I intend to rock it just like any other birthday, because to me, age is just a number and it’s all about how you feel. Today, aside from a few aches in my side, I feel pretty great! I think it’s from sitting crooked in my office chair straining to see the computer and the answer key as I check my work. My chair is leaning to the left, which is weird because it’s practically new!

I think the collagen is helping my hair, and my skin a bit, but instead of ordering another canister of the stuff, I’m trying some gummies I found at Big Lots. They may do nothing, we shall see.

Today, I’m taking Dad to his neurologist for a checkup and re-evaluation of his medication that does not seem to be helping him at all. He takes a medication for Parkinson’s called Carbidova-Levidova or something like that. I’m pressed for time or I’d go look it up. Anyway, its not affecting his tremor at all, in fact, he thinks it has worsened. So off to the doctor we go after lunch.

I was inspired my another blogger to do more to help in my community, so aside from my Friday volunteer work, I’m taking the month to consider another way to help. Once the bans have truly been lifted, maybe I will visit a nursing home with my puppies to bring cheer. I’m not sure yet, that’s just one idea.

I’m also contemplating using some of my Diamond Art paintings as incentive to raise money for the PKD foundation come October. What do you think of that? My thought was to give away a painting for a $25 pledge or something along those lines.

I had more to say, but I must go now, more to come later! Have a great Thursday everyone!


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2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 03-04-21 Birthday

  1. So did the neurologist take your dad off that medication that is not really doing anything but possibly making his problems worse? You are a very giving person! I just asked for that form again from CDS that I need you to sign. So hopefully tomorrow they give it to me, and then I will let you know when would be a good time for you to come over. So do you have plans so do you have plans for your crazy big day?

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    • Yes, the doctor said to wean him off of it, so in two weeks he should be off completely. He then said to try some quality CBD oil, but he’s pimping some he sells there in his clinic. I think I can find him a better deal, and then, if in two months it looks like it’s helping, there’s a clinic we can go to to get some with a little THC in it that ought to work even better.
      No, I don’t have plans for my big crazy day, lol. I’m going to ask Dave for a massage I think, but then again, I told him not to worry about it because he is trying to save money up to replace our fence. Most of it was rotten and fell down, so he took out all the fence behind our house. That needs replacing all the way down our driveway, plus the whole back fence. Lord knows that will cost a fortune!! He could do it himself cheaper but does not have the will or the time. I don’t blame him either!

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