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WOD Challenge 09-20-21

Alice Alinari for Unsplash

An Unlikely Savior

As I walked out onto the gallery

The ship did sway and I was set free

Over the side into the yawning sea

By the time I caught my breath, you see

The ship had sailed quite aways from me

I could not believe I was stranded asea

No life raft or buoy for support-just me

I tried not to panic or thrash about

So sharks and monsters stayed away

No land in sight, nor was I devout

Yet I began to pray

“Dear Lord please save me,” I said aloud

As sea birds swooped around me

“I’ll devote my life to you,” I cried

Then I stilled myself and prayed silently

At once a tug I felt below, but a hand it was

Not a bite.

A mermaid pulled me beneath the waves

What a beautiful, gorgeous sight!

Her hair was flowing, coppery and long

Her lips were rosy and beautiful

She put a finger to them softly

And bade me to be dutiful

Alarmed I was, yet I obeyed

Hoping my breath was plenty

As she pulled me further into the depths

I began to feel somewhat panicky

Soon, we came to an underwater cave

Set in a forgotten mountain ridge

We swam until I thought I might burst

Til her lips on mine made a bridge

Into the cave we swam and then

Still further to her destination

The cave went on forever it seemed

Leading to an underwater space station

It was there I could finally take a breath

As wondrous sights beheld me

My savior lightly touched my face

As glowing lights surrounded me

And then I saw the face of God

Standing in his shining robes

A peace I’d never felt enveloped me

As through the clouds we rose

The colors of Heaven cannot be described

And angels flew by streaming

And then the voice of God was heard

Wake up now, you are dreaming

So there was no ship

No fall, no savior

But still my life was changed

He awoke in me the will to live

And forever altered my behavior

I now devote my life to God

I pray every single day

To make me worthy of his Heavenly kingdom

So faithful shall I stay

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