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Continued Improvement 09-20-21

My dad continues to improve daily, and to my surprise, is getting more independent. This morning we woke to find him dressed and asleep in his chair! That means not only did he get up and dressed by himself, he walked unassisted from his room to his chair and was content to sit and wait until someone got up. David said he turned on the light and didn’t even wake him, but I knew not to go back to sleep, or he would be up again, or ring the bell. I’d rather get up on my own, than feel resentful that I couldn’t sleep longer.

I told him he did real well, and went and got him coffee, his watch, and his hearing aids. We split some yogurt and read a while (I did anyway) before I went and made his breakfast. After making Dave’s egg cups and feeding myself, I went and got myself dressed and ready, started the laundry and went into the office. Dad got out of his chair by himself, and was halfway to the bathroom before I got into the living room. So his strength and balance is much improved! He got up again a little later and made another bathroom trip., but I always come out and stay near in case he needs any help.

I’m so proud and the therapists are going to be too! I just hope he stays content to let things be as they are, at least until our meeting with the VA, and then we will have a clearer picture of how we are going to proceed. As well as he is doing, I’m still not sure he should go home, unless one of the options the VA will help cover is an aid or a full-time nurse in his home. Maybe something like Visiting Angels would be able to help him with his morning routine and Sean would be there for him at night. I just won’t know until we are forced to make the next decision or talk to him and see what he is comfortable doing. I think he can still make choices for himself, but we all need to think it all through. Yes, he is stronger, but his disease is progressive and things will change eventually. I would rather have him in a place with other people that can help around the clock, a community of people he can visit with and do activities, and know his meals and meds are taken care of for him.

Time will tell and things are fine here for the time being. I’m thankful he is here and we are perfectly capable of helping as long as we need to.

Ms Becky, working on her requirements for boarding

Yesterday, we had family dinner and the football games and said goodbye to Becky as she was to leave for Spain. In fact, she should be there now, but she may not have wifi to let us know for a while. I actually took a few pictures, but then got involved with dinner and the Cowboys and forgot to get everyone in a picture. I literally had to make Becky leave, she was sleepy and starting to change her mind about going. We got her up and out and Chris and her parents drove her to the airport. She texted me when the plane started moving. I can’t wait to hear from her once she gets settled. I know when she sees the kids she will be caring for, the trip will have been worth it!! One of the children has Downs Syndrome and the other does not. What a great learning experience this will be for her. I know Chris is emotional, but he is so busy with work, the time will fly by.

Becky’s mom, Julie and her new hubby, Dennis

Dave and the girls, my brother, and myself and my dad’s feet
Julie and Becky at the small dining table. Too bright for good pics.

Not pictured, Chris, Josh, Shari, Bubba, Stephen, and Kacee.

We enjoyed smoked chicken, home made jalapeno and cheddar sausage, mac and cheese, and home made beans flavored with beer, jalapeños, tomatoes, and spices. Some had strawberry and blueberry shortcakes for dessert.

Have a great Monday and get ready for the change over to fall come Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Continued Improvement 09-20-21

  1. So how long will Becky be gone for? She would have kicked herself and regretted it if she did not go. The excited to hear how he likes it.

    I am very impressed to hear how why your dad is doing! Woo hoo!! I think your dad is content where he is. If he were to go home he would not be getting the care he is getting and he is getting to have more independence were he is. Is his nighttime dryness getting better?

    How are you doing? Continued prayers for all!

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    • Oh no, I can’t work outside the house right now, I have to be here to help if he needs me. My husband has a good job. 🤗
      I am studying to become a transcriptionist, which is a job I can do from home, but I can’t even study right now because I have to wear headphones for that, and I can’t hear him get up if I have those on. I won’t take a chance of him falling again. He does have a doorbell he can ring if he needs me, I guess I could hear that! For now, I just sneak a few hours of writing in where I can, I can study later.

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