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WOD Challenge 09-27-21 Attitude Adjustments

Good afternoon everyone!

Well, when I saw the prompt I figured it was appropriate, because I have had to have an attitude adjustment after all my venting and whining the last few days. I know you know there are so many people so much worse off than me. I know Dad is the most important thing right now, even if he tries my nerves and causes me much work. But he is still here, and I still get to spend time with him-don’t think I have lost sight of that! I’m sure it is an adjustment for him, and he has no idea what is yet to come. He is just now getting used to the idea he will be here at my house for a while. Wait until we tell him he can’t go home and has to move into an assisted living facility or something. We will know more Wednesday.

Then it will be him that needs the adjustment in attitude. I’m sure it will come as a shock, and he won’t be happy about the idea at first. The intake coordinator at the assisted living place we visited said to tell him it will be a new way for him to live independently and that there would be people to take care of him, and fun activities to do. Restaurant style dining, movie nights, etc. That’s if he is even qualified to go. What if the VA can’t or won’t help? Then what? Or what if they say he can’t be in assisted living and needs a skilled nursing facility. UGH. I don’t want to even think about that, but it is a real possibility. I guess there might be the option for him to go home with a live-in caregiver. That would work if Sean finds himself a new place to live. Until then, he will stay here with us. We are managing ok, even if it is stressful. I wish some of his family would/could come visit him. He has nieces that could come.

I am still not understanding how this home health stuff works, but I know one thing…I’m not calling the insurance company anymore!!!

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12 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 09-27-21 Attitude Adjustments

  1. You are not venting or whining just because! So do not worry about it! This blog is a good place to share your feelings, and keep us up to date. I am glad that you are not losing sight of the good things!

    I am glad that you mentioned to your kids about how things are! They need to know what is really going on. Maybe through all of this it will make Sean be the man he should be!

    I was so be praying this Weds. as you go to the VA!

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  2. You need a place to vent. We get it. I have no idea how I would handle all you are handling. And the love is leading.
    My ex is in assisted living. He suffered some kidney damage that caused brain damage. Alternatively he is living at a school while the rest of us are traveling on vacation or he is part of a sting operation watching a jewelry heist. We parted 20+ years ago as partners in parenting late teens and friends. He calls here often. The one thing I feel I can help with is point his brain to reality. I help him see how memory, dreams, and his recent COVID19 affect his thinking. My husband is tolerant and actually helpful when I get frustrated. I can’t imagine living with this.
    Hugs, and prayers my friend.

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