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WOD Challenge 10-3-21

No reason to shiver around here today as it is 86 degrees at the moment.

They were freezing me out last night in the house though, so I took my Chinese we ordered in outside to eat, and watched the end of Young Frankenstein…with a delicious apple cider. Then I got too full and had to walk around the pool about 10 times. When I went back inside, we started watching Horror of Frankenstein on Movies on antenna tv, and Dave asked me if I wanted to go play a few games of pool.

Kevin was watching the movie, and Dad was snoozing, so I of course said yes, I needed to burn off some pent up energy and get off the couch for a bit. Luckily, i had not lost my touch and nearly won every game. Plus, we need all the alone time moments we can get right now. Kevin spelled us so we could go eat Friday night, which was nice, especially because we ran into Stephanies dad Lynn, who sat with us and drank a beer and shot the bull for a bit.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, I’m so goofy, we were watching the Three Stooges last night and it was the episode where they are teaching a class on the alphabet and singing a little diddy to remember the letters. I said, ”I’m weird, cause that gives me goosebumps” lol. It must be the music lover in me. Anyway, that’s close to shivering, right? 🤣🤣

I’d love to go see a movie, or get out of here for a whole weekend, but I’m grateful for the little breaks we do get. I am also grateful there is no reason to shiver yet, I’m never ready for summer to end, i hate wearing extra clothes, and I HATE being cold. 😁

My WP editor has not been working on my iPad for weeks now, and its been rebooted and everything, so I’m gonna go! Y’all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, yea Cowboys, you won again, what a new team you are this year!!

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 10-3-21

    • When Dave and Kevin get together, they always want to watch that old stuff. 😏
      Last night though, we watched The Birds on one of the cable channels. We can switch back and forth. 🤗
      I may take Dad outside this morning after the sun rises, it feels so nice and cool!

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